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HillQuest Security is a premier licensed and bonded security firm, dedicated to servicing clients throughout the State of California and having built a solid reputation in the security industry.  HillQuest Security is well known and highly regarded throughout the nation for its excellence, dedication and going the extra mile. With many available on-site officers and patrol vehicles ready to execute the highest level of security services, HillQuest Security has proven to be one of the strongest and fastest growing security companies in the country. HillQuest Security
is dedicated to providing unique, personalized and comprehensive security solutions to meet each and every client’s needs and budget; ranging from individuals to organizations, schools, events, government activities and many more. Priding itself on going above and beyond expectations, the staff is security experts, bringing 20 plus years of military and security experience to keep its clients safe and secure.

HillQuest Security differentiates itself from its competitors with its utmost standard of integrity. In addition, the company’s philosophy of going “above and beyond” serves to insure clients’ safety and satisfaction. Dedication is the catalyst for excellence, and HillQuest is dedicated to providing unprecedented customer service. The company offers 24/7 availability as well as round-the-clock services. Unlike its competitors, each client receives a customized team leader that is designated to service them at all times.

The trained, security professionals at HillQuest Security Management are experienced in all aspects of servicing and customizing the best security solutions for its clients. From the start, security professionals assist clients in making the very best security decisions for them, their family, or company. In addition, they are there to answer questions and/or be a general liaison for the entire duration of their security service.

HillQuest Security was founded by a former Marine Officer with years of expert experience. With its team of experts, they offer comprehensive solutions and the ability to create and maintain a top level of security, including high risk situations and school security.

 Best Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Every Employee Goes through a Criminical Background Check

Our pre-employment screening includes a thorough interview process, a complete background check, an honesty and drug profile, and a criminal history fingerprint check through the Department of Public Safety and FBI. We offer an unparalleled classroom and field training program for our security officers which teaches proper procedures, state law, using good judgment, communication skills, code of conduct, courtesy and much more. We also periodically evaluate our employees’ needs and offer a continuing plan of education and training for additional skills.

Security is quite unlike any other service that companies have to procure and there is significant peace of mind to be gained from knowing that a trained and qualified security specialist is on hand to deal with any situation. That’s why we specialize in three key areas of security: guarding, monitoring and consultancy.

Never pay too much for Security Services

Instead of using a rigid, standard rate sheet, at HillQuest Security & Patrol we evaluate the individual needs of each potential client prior to preparing an actual security proposal. We consider all of the variables, including the complexity of your needs, geographic location, your budget objectives, duration and volume of service, and more. Once we understand your individual needs, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal along with a proposed hourly bill rate for our services. And this evaluation service is absolutely free.

Best Security Guard Services in Los Angeles


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