Orange County Home Security Companies

Are Orange County Home Security Companies More Affordable?

It may appear as if Orange County home security companies are less expensive these days. They are certainly more affordable than they used to be. However, it is not really about them lowering their prices. They are lowering their prices, but that is only part of the story. Here are a few details on the situation that may help you understand how and why you are getting less expensive security services these days.

Electronic Surveillance is More Affordable These Days

Back in the old days, if you wanted a few cameras with fuzzy view screens, then you needed to pay thousands. As a result, security guards were forced to walk regular patrols to try to hear and see any possible threats. However, these days, thanks to intensive Chinese manufacturing, you can load your property with tens of cameras for a very low cost. This means your security people do not need to run patrols, they do not need to assign as many people to the same job. This means that your surveillance is cheaper these days, and you don’t need to hire as many people if you don’t want to.

Security Companies Have Diversified Quite a Bit

Modern security companies are a lot bigger because they have a very diverse set of services. They are working on everything from guarding car parks to guarding movie sets. Back in the old days, guards would patrol stores and building sites, but these days you can hire somebody to take your kids to school. You can hire guards to stand in your garden if you wish or to work from your panic room’s surveillance system if you wish. Since security services have more work to do, they can hire more people, lower their prices and still make a profit. That is why security services, especially home security services, are far less expensive these days than they were just a few years ago.

There is More Competition

This ties into the point made above about diversified services. A security company can hire a range of different people with different skills to work within their security service. Things are less restrictive for security services, which is why so many have sprung up out of nowhere. More competition often means a bigger fight for customers, ergo they start lowering their prices to compete with each other.

Orange County Home Security Companies

Hiring Contractors is Cheaper Than Hiring Staff

Security services are not super cheap these days. It is possible that they appear cheaper simply because hiring regular staff is now so expensive. Even if you can afford to pay minimum wage to staff, you also have to pay added insurance, you have to pay into pensions, pay into training them, etc. In truth, it is far easier to hire a contractor and have them send over fully trained and ready-to-work security staff.

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