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Are Security Guards Allowed to Carry Guns?

The security guards from a security guard company in Orange County are allowed to carry guns while they are on duty if their job requires it. Thus, if they’re not performing their duty, they can’t carry guns or use weapons. And their rights to carry weapons are gone when they leave the place of their employment.

Do All Security Guards in a Security Guard Company in Orange County Carry Guns?

Although security guards can carry guns, not all of them can have that right to carry weapons while on duty. The only security guards who can carry rifles are those who have undergone rigorous training and certification. Armed security guards can’t use the weapons on duty without going through background checks. If they don’t pass the background check, they can’t take any type of firearms.

Security Guard Company Orange County

Firearm License

But before they can carry guns, they need to obtain a license from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. To procure such a license, security guards must complete a thorough assessment from the bureau to show that they are capable to carry a weapon while they are on duty. They must have good judgment and self-control before they can obtain this license.

What Types of Weapons Can They Carry?

It depends on their training. Some of them can carry heavy firearms while others can’t. But no matter what weapon they carry, they are highly trained to protect their clients.

Are All Security Guards Highly Trained?

It depends on where you hire the security guards from. The most reputable security guard company only hires security guards and bodyguards who completed rigorous training. They are highly trained to help them anticipate issues even before they occur. Even though they are not police officers, they are knowledgeable and thoroughly taught about the local laws and ordinances to ensure that no one will break the law on their watch.

Working Independently

Skillful security guards don’t need constant supervision because they are trained to work independently. They can get the job done without constant supervision from their clients or bosses. They can easily work with coordinators to help them plan a security strategy and follow it independently to ensure that it’s being carried out properly.

Respond Positively

Security guards aren’t only trained to carry weapons and protect their clients. They are also trained to interact with customers positively. That is, they know how to put a happy, helpful face when interacting with clients and visitors. But they can also have an intimidating facade to deter criminals.

Who Needs Security Guards in Orange County?

Any person or establishment may need a certain form of security service. Bank security needs armed security guards. If you are organizing a disaster relief program, you may hire a team of unarmed security guards. The type of security that you need will depend on your purpose. You may request a consultation from our security guard company in Orange County to know the kind of security you need in your property or business. Call us here at 1-888-925-8040.