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Are Security Guards Better Than Concierge?

Having a concierge has become more popular in recent years. Hotels and resorts are offering it as part of their customer services. If you have a business, you might wonder if a concierge is enough. That is, you are not thinking about getting private security but you may need to know more about the security guards from Hill Quest Security.

Hill Quest Security Guards vs Concierge

Concierge and security guards are not the same. Concierges are typically personal assistants for guests. In a hotel, a concierge provides guests with information about the hotel, book tours, or deliver items to guests’ rooms. Security guards, on the other hand, are focused on protecting your property. Although they communicate with your guests, they don’t act as their assistants.

Security Guards as a Concierge

Indeed, some security guards don’t communicate with guests, but they can still act as concierges. However, concierges can’t perform the duties of security guards. The reason for this is that they are not trained to do so. Protecting your property or patrolling the area requires expertise and skills.

According to Chron, “Not only do guards keep a close eye on anyone who tries to enter the grounds, but they also supervise activities that go on inside, too. From carefully looking at security cameras to walking around and examining a building’s many sections, corridors, and entrances, the duty of a security guard is to cover all the bases, over and over again.”

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Hiring Concierges and Security Guards

To provide your clients or guests with the best customer service, you should consider having both concierges and security guards. Concierges can focus on assisting your guests while security guards focus on protecting your staff, guests, and the property. Since security guards can also act as concierges, you might want to consider just hiring security guards. In that way, if they have no guests to assist, they can patrol the area or guard the entry and exit points.

It really depends on what you need. If you’re expecting an influx of guests, you can choose to hire many guards who can be your guards and concierges. It’s all just a matter of assigning them their duties. Now, a concierge will need to be more aware of the guests and their necessities, than a guard.

How Many Security Guards Do You Need?

The number of guards you need to hire will depend on the number of guests you expect. Talk to our experts to help you devise a strategy so you will know the required number of guards to protect your property and guests. When assigning guards their duties, you need to acquaint them with their responsibilities. In that way, they know what to do while they are on your property.

Do I Need Security Guards?

If you own a property or a business, having security guards can be beneficial because they can protect your business and the property. Without the right protection, you’ll lose hundreds to thousands of money. Find out more about how you can prevent it by hiring our Hill Quest Security services. Call us here: 1 (888) 925-8040.