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Are Security Guards Law Enforcement?

Security guards are not law enforcement. However, many armed guards from a commercial security service in Miami are ex-law enforcement officers. Thus, they have the expertise in handling weapons and violent conflict. Even though they are ex-police officers, they don’t have the powers of a police officer. Rather, they are agents of the owner with certain powers through agreement with the clients they are working for.

What are the Powers of Security Guards from a Commercial Security Service in Miami Have?

Even though security guards may look similar to police officers, they are not part of law enforcement. Thus, they don’t have the same powers as the police officers. Here are some of the powers of security guards:

  • Prevent anyone from entering certain places. The clients who hire the security guards can decide the people who can enter their premises. The guards can act on their clients’ behalf. They will determine who can enter or not enter the premises based on the guidelines of their clients.
  • Require any person to provide identification in venues. Security guards have the power to require a person who wishes to enter a venue that sells alcohol a sort of identification.
  • Remove any person from a premise. If the security guards consider you as a threat to the safety of other people on the premises, they can ask you to leave. They can escort you from the area using reasonable force. But if you refuse to leave after they ask you politely, they can charge you with trespassing.
  • Arrest you. If they suspect that you committed an offense, violent acts, or breached the peace, they can make a citizen’s arrest. However, they can’t put you in jail. Rather, they can place you in a certain location near the area where they arrest you while waiting for the police to arrive. Or they can take you directly to a police officer.

The main goal of hiring security guards is to ensure that private property is protected. They are also tasked to guarantee the safety of the people in that property from any criminal or emergency hazards. As you can see, the main difference between security guards and police officers is their duties. The former protects private property while the latter defends the public and enforces the law.

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Should the Security Guards Be Armed?

There are two types of security guards — armed and unarmed. The former carries guns and is stationed in high-threat areas. The latter, on the other hand, doesn’t carry guns and is deployed in low-threat levels. For some clients, armed security guards are the better option to protect their property or valuables against theft and bad actors. But other clients prefer unarmed security to patrol their property. When it comes to choosing the right type of security guard, it’s best to know the reason you are hiring a commercial security service in Miami. For a consultation, please call us at 1-888-925-8040.