asset protection in Miami

Asset Protection Services in Miami

Asset protection broadly defines the security of your property and possessions. This could be residential property, commercial business, storage units, and more. No matter what you’re looking to secure, HillQuest Security has experience in all types of asset protection in Miami

Construction Security Services

The city of Miami is ever-expanding and with that comes a lot of new residential and commercial developments. If you’re a builder or contractor with current developments in process, it’s extremely important to take security measures to ensure your projects are protected from intruders. Vandalism, theft, and tampering with materials is not uncommon when building sites are left alone without proper security measures. 


HillQuest Security offers a strategic approach to securing your development. Most of the time this involves security cameras, though sometimes we may feel you’ll benefit from our mobile patrol as well. It’s always good to have a physical presence around the area to set the tone and send a message to any perpetrators. If your building is residential or you’re building to suit, it also shows the future owners that you care about the protection of their investment. 

Retail Security Services

Owning a small boutique, restaurant, bookstore, or any place in downtown Miami comes with its own challenges. While we like to think this is a relatively safe city, that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, property vandalism and theft are common in Miami. When shops are closed at night, intruders take advantage of stores they suspect don’t have great security measures. This is especially true with all of the riots and looting going on over the past couple of months. 

asset protection in Miami

Don’t lose another night of sleep worrying about the safety of your business. HillQuest Security is open 24/7 and ready to answer any questions you have, day or night. We provide detailed, unique asset protection plans for all of our clients. 


We know that each client requires different levels of security for their place of business. This is why HillQuest Security offers a variety of options including armed vs. unarmed guards, standing guards, mobile patrol, and many other services we can offer if you give us a call. 


Our company is not only dedicated to reducing your losses but ensuring the protection of your customers, staff, and yourself. 

The HillQuest Security Difference 

HillQuest Security works with local law enforcement in Miami to develop better ways to suit and protect your business, construction site, apartment complexes, and more. We employ only the best of the best security and bodyguards who go through extensive training to ensure they know how to deescalate any situation and be on high alert from the start of their shift to the end. 


For more information on asset protection in Miami, call HillQuest Security today:  (888) 925-8040.