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Best LA Private Security on How to Stop Shoplifting in Your Supermarket

Supermarkets are a major target by shoplifters due to their large size and ease of accessibility. Anyone can walk in and out of the supermarket even without making any purchase. Supermarket owners spend a lot of money to improve security without affecting customer confidence and concerns. The stores can use various methods to help stop shoplifting.

 Hire security guards

A thief can change their plan for stealing when they realize there is someone watching. When a thief gets through the supermarket door with the intention to steal, they first study the security situation and when they notice everyone is busy with shopping, dusting or arranging items, they get a golden opportunity to shoplift. With the presence of the best security company in Los Angeles, they will know someone will see their action and apprehend them.

Install security cameras

Investing in security cameras can be expensive but the benefits cannot be compared to the cost. There should be security cameras distributed in every floor or row and manned backup from bank security services Los Angeles placed strategically to monitor movements through the information captured by the cameras. There should be warning signs informing shoppers that the facility is monitored by cameras to scare away potential shoplifters.

Offer personalized customer service

Personalized customer service might sound like an obvious thing supermarkets should offer to their customers. In most cases, it is the customers who ask for help when they need it. Customers either speak to the customer service staff or ask for help from other staff. Personalized customer service will be the opposite because the staff will be trained to talk to the customers and ask if they can help. If a shopper looks stranded or as though they are planning something, a worker should ask them if they can help. If the customer was planning to shoplift, they will change their mind.

Network with your staff

A better way to prevent shoplifting is to network with your staff and train them on the basics of identifying a thief and the quickest channels of communication. Instead of walking to the manager’s office, they can use signs and communicate to another colleague or to the security personnel from Orange County security services to avert possible theft.

Implement electronic article surveillance

Shoplifters become smarter even as security technology improves. The thieves do not target any item but they are keen on items that have greater value. Using EAS, you can put stickers on items that are likely to be shoplifted. If a shoplifter tries to walk out with an item that didn’t go through the teller scanner, EAS will trigger the alarm and it will beep.

 Stop shoplifters by hiring five-star security

Supermarkets lose a lot of money due to shoplifting and the menace is a nightmare to most supermarket owners. Our dedication is to reduce shrinkage to your profits by offering superstar security to your supermarket. We will first assess your individual needs and expectations and suggest best ways to protect your investment. Call us today at 1.888.925.8040.