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Best Los Angeles Security Service Expert Advice on What to do After a Major House Burglary

The past few years have been marked by increased cases of house burglaries in Los Angeles. This has left many people devastated, shocked, confused, and in a state of disbelief. 

A major house burglary may cause you to be driven by emotions, making it difficult for you to think of what to do clearly and fast. Taking practical steps immediately after the incidence can help reduce the burden and certainly allow you to claim for the assets lost. Here’s what to do.

Call police immediately

Call the police immediately after house burglary so that they can issue you with a crime reference number for purposes of follow-ups. Police mostly collaborate with the best security companies near you for quick and effective responses.

Police respond to crime incidences fast and therefore, you need to maintain calmness until they attend to you. They play a role in ensuring justice for such criminal offenses occurring in homes.

Contact your insurance company

You need to call your insurance company as soon as the incident occurs, with details of the goods that have been stolen. Use the crime reference number issued by the police as a way of facilitating insurance claims.

The insurance company can advise you on security provisions that you may need to institute such as changing the door locks. They may also be able to begin their investigations immediately to ensure compensation for goods lost if needed.

Avoid touching anything

According to LA private security company experts, don’t attempt to clean up the house or free it from any signs of burglary crime. Avoid items that have been disturbed or moved because you may be interfering with evidence. 

Additionally, take photographs of the crime scene, including any broken windows and doors and empty spaces from where items have been stolen. This may help to make the process of making the insurance claim simpler and faster.

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Take stock

House burglaries may lead to the loss of valuables such as jewelry, wallets, money, computer items, and electrical devices. Gather evidence about items stolen such as receipts, valuation reports, or photographs. 

This may support insurance claims in estimating the value of stolen or damaged goods. Avoid disposing of things that the insurer may need to inspect during the investigation process.

Cancel stolen cards

Orange County security experts say that if you confirm theft of checkbooks or bank credit cards, call your bank or card issuer immediately. This may help to prevent any fraudulent attempts by criminals to withdraw funds from your account. 

You should also notify your financial service providers if you have lost laptops, tablets, or phones that had your bank details and logins. The service provider can be in a position to disable and discontinue any attempted transactions, thus safeguarding your money.

Way forward

Should you require expert advice on what to do after a major house burglary, feel free to call us on 1.888.925.8040. We provide private security-related services for your home and handle inquiries and suggestions faster and efficiently. We have risk analysis management skills and can design appropriate anti-theft strategies. We also have effective detection and intervention strategies in cases of home burglaries to arrest any suspects associated with such crimes.