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Best Security Company in Beverly Hills for Assured Protection Against Protests

Riots can just happen at any time. Every business is fragile. But how are you going to protect yours against a possible protest? The best security company in Beverly Hills has the answer. 

In April, thousands marched in Chicago to protest against the killing of a teen. It was a peaceful protest. No business establishments were harmed. 

But we all know that not all protests are peaceful. Civil disobedience is increasing. The number of police in Beverly Hills may not be enough to stop every business from being attacked by these rioters. 

And this is where hiring a security company becomes critical. 


Use the Best Security Company in Beverly Hills 

The decision to hire a security company offers many advantages. However, it also comes with liabilities, especially if you opt for armed security. 

Armed security guards can defend your business, clients, customers, and themselves against grave dangers while riots are ongoing. But they can’t use lethal force to defend your business only. 

When you hire the best security company, you will know the limitations of having armed security. However, rest assured that the armed guards have a license to carry a firearm. They have a 70% shooting accuracy to obtain such a license. 

The best security agency follows the guidelines set by the state of California when it comes to licensing and firearm qualifications. 

The guards at HillQuest Security are well versed in the law about the use of lethal force. They have regular training on decisional shooting and the legal consequences of lethal force. 

best security company in Beverly Hills


With a Comprehensive Plan 

Protests can be peaceful. However, they can easily escalate, requiring the expertise of security personnel to de-escalate the conflict. 

To protect your property, having a good plan is necessary. Furthermore, you must have an escape plan in case of a worst-case scenario.

The security team from HillQuest will help you establish rules of engagement and priorities. The guards are well-versed about the rules and they know that they are there to protect your employees, clients, and customers. 

During riots, security guards will feel overwhelmed. This is where a comprehensive plan must be properly established so the guards know where they can put the employees, clients, and customers to safety. 

They know where the secure points are and exit routes. Once they are in a safe place, the guards can call the law enforcement or security firm for further help and backup. 

The team of security guards will position themselves around the perimeter of your property. When rioters detect their presence, they won’t be tempted to loot in your business. 

The security guards are the first people that these rioters will notice when they approach your business. As the security guards present an impression of authority, they can easily stop harmful situations from even occurring. 

Plan and Hire a Security Company 

Protecting your business during riots must be part of your security strategy. If you are not sure what security plans you need during riots, please consult the best security company in Beverly Hills. Call us here for further details: +1 (888) 925-8040.