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Beverly Hills Private Security Service Advice on Verifying Your Tenant Before Renting

Every time a new tenant moves into your property; you get hope for some regular rent to help support your investment or personal budget. The only challenge of welcoming a new tenant is that you know nothing about them and you cannot tell if you are welcoming a good or troublesome person. Your best solution is to do a tenant screening to know their background, their ability to pay rent, and their previous experience with the former landlord.

Investigate the background

The security of your property is important and you must never welcome a tenant with a questionable background. Investigate reasons why the tenant is leaving their former landlord and find out if their moving out was due to bad behavior or failure to pay rent. Investigate their criminal records with the police department to ensure that you are not welcome a criminal into your property. If you are not sure about how to investigate an individual’s background, seek help from the security companies in Riverside.

 Do a face to face interview

A face-to-face interview can help you note some important points you might have missed in your other investigations. You don’t have to make the interview formal but you can ask preplanned questions casually and carefully note the answers the tenant gives. Some of the important questions to ask are questions like will you afford the rent we charge? When are you likely to move in? Are you planning to move in with pets? What’s the number of people who will be staying with you? Why do you want to leave your current landlord? These are simple questions yet they carry a lot of weight and detailed information. If your suspicion about the tenant is high, alert the mobile patrol security Orange County to be vigilant and inform the police.

 Verify the tenant’s ability to pay rent

 The worst experience you have as a landlord is to live with a tenant who cannot afford to pay rent promptly. The eviction process is tedious, will cost you money and you could end up losing several months’ rent. Some of the steps to help you verify if the tenant will be able to pay rent is to confirm if they are working on regular pay or they are in business and if the income is enough to sustain them. Check their credit history and if their credit score is too low, you might have a good reason not to welcome them into your property.

 Record the tenant’s personal details

You need to record personal details of the tenant you are about to welcome to your property so that in case they mess up with the security of your property, you will give the tenant’s personal details to the best security company in Los Angeles. Record their full name, telephone number, reference letters from former landlords, their driver’s license details, their employer, and postal address. If the tenant has a clean record with their former landlords and with state law, they will have nothing to hide.

 Improve the security of your apartment complex

 Tenants today seek to live in a place they can be assured of their security. A landlord that owns secure apartments will rarely have vacant units and this is the motivation every landlord seeks after. Our professional security team is trained to keep your apartment secure and your tenants safe. Talk to us and you will not be disappointed. Our office line is 1.888.925.8040.