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Beverly Hills Security Agency on Best Practices in Monitoring Through CCTVs

CCTV installations are common in public places, shopping malls, industries, construction sites, heavy traffic areas, homes, and high-security areas. Security companies are given the responsibility to monitor CCTV footage and in government-protected areas, the police take responsibility. CCTV data is protected under personal data protection because the footage can be used to identify you. As part of personal data best practice, you should not share footage unless the law is followed and an official request is made otherwise the data remains protected.

 Improve cybersecurity

 Unlike in the past, most security cameras are connected through the internet to reduce the cost of cloud storage. The connection of cameras online also helps in remote access from any place on the continent. There has been a rise in cyber-attacks recently and security cameras have not been an exception. Data can be stolen online and used negatively by criminals to plan an attack on the facility or to destroy your business reputation. There should be extra measures to improve cybersecurity.

 Delete archived video

 The law permits the company to store archived videos from CCTV cameras up to 30 days after which they must be deleted. The only exception is if particular footage is required in an authorized investigation. Every other data older than 30 days should be deleted and fresh data stored. If the security companies in Riverside have been manning the footage, you should have an agreement with them to delete the footage every thirty days.

 Have a written retention policy

 In most companies, their workers do not control data from CCTV cameras. Instead, they let armed patrol Los Angeles and other companies monitor and manage the control center. This is a good arrangement but it leaves security gaps in terms of what the data should be retained for and its appropriate use. There should be a concrete policy developed in line with the company policy and specify the authorization process for copying the data to a third party, inappropriate use, disciplinary action due to violation, and the rule of confidentiality.

Have dedicated control personnel

The CCTV control center should not be left to be managed by anyone to avoid possible breaches to security. There should be dedicated personnel to monitor all data and ensure all cameras are working perfectly. The best choice is to hire mobile patrol security Orange County because they are specialized in security protocols and can have their personnel on the ground 24/7. You will be able to know who will take responsibility if any breach occurs.

 Hire a dedicated security team

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