security companies in Los Angeles

Ways to Improve Security of a Shopping Mall

Shopping has become a part of everyone’s life. That’s why there are thousands of visits each day. With that in mind, it’s crucial for shopping malls to tighten their security measures by hiring security companies in Los Angeles. Criminals have already figured out many ways to commit theft or fraud. And it’s up to shopping…

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OC patrol private security

Is There an Advantage of Hiring a Mobile Patrol Guard?

A mobile patrol private secure is a great alternative to an on-site security guard. The OC patrol private security guards of Hillquest Security follow random and schedule routes in marked and well-maintained vehicles. But they are sometimes on foot as part of a security strategy. One reason companies are opting for this type of security service is…

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security guard services in Los Angeles

Is It Necessary to Hire a Security Guard with a Military Background

Many people think that the security guard services in Los Angeles consist of personnel with a military background. But not all bodyguards have such experience to make an effective security guard/bodyguard. However, if you hire some of the bodyguards at Hillquest Security, you can be sure that you are hiring people with military training.  Security Guard…

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Security patrol services in Orange County

The Most Effective Security Patrol Guards Use These Pieces of Equipment

Security patrol services in Orange County have two purposes. The guards are there to protect people or property. They are also required to report any incidents to their customers. For these purposes, they aim to keep workplaces, banks, shopping malls, and other businesses safe from any criminal activities. But how can they protect themselves while patrolling your…

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security service in Los Angeles

The Type of Security Service You Need for Your Business in Los Angeles

Burglaries and other violations can arise at any time. To stop them from happening, it’s time to plan and hire a security service in Los Angeles.  Theft is one of the main reasons many companies in LA suffer major losses. Unfortunately, recovering from these losses can be quite difficult. But companies that chose to hire a…

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bodyguards and security patrol services

Bodyguards and Security Patrol Service for Film Producers Filming the Next Big Hit

Film producers and directors are always on the lookout for the best location for their films. Unfortunately, not all locations are safe as a movie set. Even if you’re not filming a blockbuster big hit, you still need bodyguards and security patrol services.  This type of service is necessary to ensure that cast and crew…

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Riverside security companies

Why Would You Hire a Private Investigator?

HillQuest Security is just one of the Riverside security companies that offers private investigation services. Yes, not all security guard companies offer it. But why would you need a PI service?  If you think that you need a PI, then we can assume that you are experiencing a serious threat that needs an expert’s help. Our PI…

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bank security services in Miami

Bank Security Services in Miami to Stop Bank Heists

You’ve seen bank heists in the movies. They happen everywhere, even in Florida. It’s the main reason bank security services in Miami are a big deal these days.  The main goal of security guards is to prevent crime from ever taking place. That’s why banking institutions procure these services.  Bank Security Services in Miami to…

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Bodyguards services in Hollywood

Can a Bodyguard Act as a Security Chauffeur?

Bodyguards services in Hollywood offered by HillQuest Security aren’t just to protect you from the bad guys. They are also useful if you want to have the safest ride of your life.  That’s right. The bodyguards of HillQuest Security can act as your security chauffeur if you require secure airport transfers or executive business meetings. …

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best security company in Beverly Hills

Best Security Company in Beverly Hills for Assured Protection Against Protests

Riots can just happen at any time. Every business is fragile. But how are you going to protect yours against a possible protest? The best security company in Beverly Hills has the answer.  In April, thousands marched in Chicago to protest against the killing of a teen. It was a peaceful protest. No business establishments…

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