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Bodyguard Guard Services in Miami During COVID-19

With cases of the coronavirus continuing to surge in Florida, it’s important to take your safety and security seriously. HillQuest Security requires that all of our guards wear masks at all times when escorting you anywhere. Security and safety have always been our area of expertise, which is why we continue to take the pandemic seriously. 

Ensure Your Safety When Venturing Out

Needing last-minute bodyguard services in Miami is not uncommon, even during a pandemic when many are still opting to stay at home as much as possible. There are always last-minute situations or circumstances that require us to travel. When this happens, it’s best to know which security guard services are available for last-minute needs. 


HillQuest Security is open 24/7 and always has someone on hand to answer calls. Need a bodyguard at 3 AM to get you home safely? Or, alternatively, a security guard for a private event just a day away? It’s very likely that HillQuest can accommodate your last-minute needs. Reach out at any time to inquire about our services.

bodyguard services in Miami

When Do You Need a Bodyguard in Miami?

Thinking about security guard or bodyguard services sometimes feels a little far-fetched, until you find yourself needing one last minute. Of course, we never want anyone to find themselves in a situation where, in hindsight, they wish they had hired a bodyguard or security guard. Sometimes these situations make us realize that we need to take our security measures more seriously. Miami is a large city, some areas are safer than others, just as any city is. If you’re new to the area or find yourself needing to get from one spot to another without being sure of the neighborhood, a HillQuest bodyguard is the right move. 


Our bodyguards are also familiar with the Miami area and can help you navigate the city. If you’re not sure of the exact location you’re headed to, they can be very helpful in these situations. No matter where you’re going, HillQuest bodyguards get you there safely. 

Professionalism is at the Core of HillQuest Security

Our bodyguards are trained to be professional yet personable. They have no interest in asserting dominance unless a situation arises. They are there to help you blend in and feel completely secure. The worst thing to worry about when hiring a bodyguard is wondering if they’re looking for trouble or have ulterior motives. You’ll never have to worry about our bodyguards as they’re highly trained to be 100% professional at all times. Your safety is their only concern. 


Bodyguard services in Miami are available to you 24/7. Don’t wait until an incident occurs where you don’t feel secure, call HillQuest Security today to find out more about how we can serve and protect you: (888) 925-8040.