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Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills: Can You Hire Female Bodyguards?

There’s an increasing demand for female bodyguard services in Beverly Hills. Because of that demand, it opens new doors to women who want to take up on this challenge. 


Hollywood female celebrities prefer female bodyguards. Some of the bodyguards of the Duchess of Cambridge are women. 


Whether or not you choose to hire a male or a female bodyguard, it doesn’t matter. What matters most here is the company that offers this type of service. 


Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills Aren’t Just for Famous People 

You may think you can’t hire a female bodyguard because you’re not as famous as Kate Middleton or Beyonce. It’s no longer the case today. 


With the increasing availability of personal protection, anyone can access this service. 


Want a Low-Key Option 

A female bodyguard is just what you need for any covert operation. If you don’t want to draw the unwanted attention of the public, having a strong male bodyguard isn’t an ideal option as it puts you more at risk. 


Although a brusque bodyguard can intimidate people who wish to attack you, having a female bodyguard can easily blend in with the entourage. People may even consider her as your personal assistant. 


In that case, it’s a more discreet option.


But don’t equate it as a weakness. Female bodyguards underwent the same rigid training as their male counterparts. 


However, they have an advantage over male bodyguards because women can easily mingle with kids. 


Thus, if they’re protecting someone with kids, young children won’t be intimated by the female protector. 


A female bodyguard can pass as a nanny that lowers the risk of getting unwanted attention from the public. 


Female bodyguards can also follow their women clients to some locations that only allow people of the same sex. Case in point: dressing rooms or toilet. 


If you choose a female bodyguard, she can follow you in a dressing room and she can pass as your friend. It can have a major effect on your safety. 


You can carry out your daily tasks while your female bodyguard is just there accompanying you. 


Women bodyguards also possess better softer skills. They are proven to be effective so there’ll be fewer chances of them getting into confrontations. 


Furthermore, females have better organizational skills. Thus, they can offer safe planning and perform their job smoothly. 

Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills

Do You Need to Hire a Bodyguard? 

If you’re a CEO or an executive working in a private organization, you may need to protect yourself from various threats. 


It’s especially important if you’re managing a million or a billion-dollar company. 


You should also hire a bodyguard if you’re handling or transporting money. For instance, if you need to transport million dollars from point A to point B, a bodyguard can stand to watch at all times to detect suspicious behavior. 


How to Hire a Bodyguard? 

As mentioned, bodyguard services are no longer limited to celebrities. You can access them at any time you need them. 


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