bodyguard services in Beverly Hills

Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills for Influencers

Bodyguard services in Beverly Hills aren’t only designed for the uber-rich and A-list Hollywood actors and actresses. Social media influencers now are hiring personal security to help them navigate the busy streets and avoid being mobbed by their fans. Indeed, some social media influencers can still go out of their houses without the need for personal security. However, if you’re attending a public event, you may need a personal bodyguard to help you stop your crazed fans and stalkers. 

More Accessible Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills 

It’s now easier to hire personal security. Bodyguards are getting more accessible. Their services have become more affordable. Here at Hillquest Security Services, we offer affordable bodyguard services to give you the best protection that you need. Our bodyguards will ensure that you have the best protection the moment you step out of your house, to the public event and back to your residence. We only employ highly trained bodyguards to make sure that our clients are safe and protected wherever they go. 


These bodyguards have years of experience working with A-list celebrities. When you go to a public event, things can quickly escalate. Some of your fans may spot you in populated areas of Hollywood. You can’t just outrun them. Instead, you may wish to interact with them only if you have personal security working by your side. Being a social media influencer will, after all, make you a public figure. People would want to know you more. Some of them would be obsessed so they might start stalking you. To help you stop wondering whether you are safe or not while you’re out and about, make sure that you only hire a highly-trained bodyguard. 

Protection While in Public

Indeed, hiring personal security to protect you while you’re in a public space can be an additional cost. But it’s all worth it considering the safety measures they follow to keep you safe from harm. Our bodyguards are polite and well-trained. They are professional enough to protect you against your crazy, adoring fans without being rude to them. They know how to control the situation to ensure your safety and your fans’ too. 


But our bodyguards can’t arrest a person. However, they can detain a person if they think that the person committed a crime. Although they can’t arrest a person, they can hold a person until the police arrive. Our bodyguards are highly trained to carry this out. They can use force only if your safety and the safety of others are compromised. The force, however, must be reasonable and justified. However, they are trained to use other means before using force. They can’t use handcuffs to restrain the person threatening you. 

Our bodyguards can use body cams to record the event. The recording can be a piece of evidence to prove that they only acted legally. You may be hesitant to hire bodyguard services in Beverly Hills. But we have already proven our professionalism to our past and current clients. If you wish to talk to our staff and ask questions, please call us at (888) 925-8040.