bodyguard services in Beverly Hills

Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills: The All-Around Protection That You Need

Our bodyguard services in Beverly Hills include comprehensive protection for our clients. You may picture a bodyguard as a well-dressed person who surrounds a VIP. But bodyguards are more than that. 

Close Protection of Bodyguard Services in Beverly Hills 

Hillquest Security offers a holistic approach when it comes to protecting our clients. In other words, our bodyguards are always present but they don’t interfere in the business of our clients. We create a safe environment for them so they can do their daily tasks without the need to worry about someone will kidnap them or harm them. Our clients will feel protected so they can relax and forget that our security team is there to help them out. This is the sort of peace of mind that we want to provide to our clients. 

Assess the Places

Before our clients visit certain locations, we collect intelligence first to know what kind of security we can provide. It also enables the bodyguards to have a clear picture of the security has in place and what they can offer. We believe that having open communication between the location’s security team and our bodyguard services can mean that the risks are curbed. 

Not a Drama 

When you think of bodyguards, you might be thinking about a scene from a Hollywood film. But in reality, much of the work done by bodyguards involves reporting, surveying, and constant communication to make sure that they have all the necessary details they need to protect the clients. The security specialists are trained to handle anything regardless of what the scenario is. These special skills could mean that the close protection officers spend more time observing, instead of impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Cover All the Bases 

Our bodyguards are not just there to protect the clients. Rather, they are also trained to provide the protection service as a whole. It means that they don’t just protect them physically but also our clients’ brand and personal information. It means that our clients can keep a low profile while they are in public. 

Protecting the Entire Family 

Our bodyguards at Hillquest understand that being a business person comes with some risks. Thus, when you leave your home, you want to protect your family as well to appease your mind while you’re gone. Some people can still cause harm to your family members who are left at home. They can break into your house. Although you have a 24/7 monitoring device installed, it’s not enough to provide the utmost protection to your family. That’s why you and your family need comprehensive assistance that only Hillquest Security and Patrol can offer. Our bodyguards are trained to do whatever it takes to protect our clients. They are also available for anything that your family member needs. They can drop off your kids at school or accompany them to a party. 

Hiring Customized Protection Team 

We know that your protection requirements are different from other clients. That’s why our bodyguard services in Beverly Hills offer a customized protection team. To know more about our services, please contact us at  1.888.925.8040