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Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles: Are They Allowed in Schools?

School shootings can happen at any time. You can protect your kids by hiring our bodyguard services in Los Angeles to keep your kids safe when going to school. Many business people inquire about our services for their kids during the past few years because of the threats and shootings. But one of the many questions they want to know is if it’s legal for bodyguards to escort their kids to schools. The answer is quite complicated. 

Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles to Provide Protective Strategy

When it comes to the kind of bodyguard service that you need for your kids, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Our team can create a protective strategy for your kid. However, the strategy must form a balance that allows the kids to be a kid while they are in school while protecting them against potential threats. But it depends on the kind of security the school has. The bodyguards can drive the kids to school and ensure that they get to their classrooms. Then, they can wait outside the school. Depending on the potential threat the kids are facing, bodyguards can wait in an office near the classroom of the kids they’re protecting. However, if our protection team thinks that the threat is so bad because the school doesn’t have sufficient technical measures in place, bodyguards can be installed outside of the classroom. However, not all schools would allow bodyguards to be standing outside a classroom as it can cause students to feel threatened. That’s why clear communication between the school admin and the family must be created. 

Are the Bodyguards Armed or Not? 

It hinges on the policies of the school. However, whether or not the bodyguards are armed, we can guarantee you that our bodyguards are trained individuals. They can respond to violence and stop it without the use of force or firearms. Some private schools allow their teachers to be equipped. Thus, they allow the bodyguards of their students to have firearms accessible. The reason for this is that a lethal force can only be stopped with lethal force. Thus, if there’s an active shooter, the only way to stop the shooter is through a legal force. Without the right tools, bodyguards can’t protect their clients and other students on the premises. Then again, it all comes down to the rules of the school. Fortunately, most schools see the value of protecting their students. Thus, they allow firearms to be accessible. But schools have different tolerance when it comes to security precautions. Bodyguards can blend in by dressing casually. That is, they can wear a backpack with their gear in it. They can also go under a guise, like a medical officer or a chaperone when the students are on field trips. If you wish to protect your kids when they are in school, our team can collaborate with the school admins to discuss safety procedures. From there, we can create the right strategy to provide the utmost protection to your kids. 

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