Book with HillQuest Security for Film Set Security in Los Angeles

In a city like Los Angeles, film set security is a large concern. Tourists love to stop and gawk, taking photos of whatever they can see from far away, hoping to spot a celebrity or director they recognize. On the other hand, theft and vandalism on film sets are not uncommon either. If there aren’t proper security measures in place, it’s all too easy for anyone to sneak in and steal, take photos, vandalize, and overall compromise the set. 

Hire a Security Company with Experience in Los Angeles 

HillQuest Security has years of experience and knowledge about the security of film sets. We know there are plenty of components to securing and protecting a set. It’s not just a matter of making sure nobody is able to break in, though that is a large component of it. Securing a film set involves everything from site patrols and perimeter security to traffic management and bodyguard services. 

Bodyguard Services for Anybody on Set 

HillQuest Security offers bodyguard services for cast members, VIP’s, directors, and anyone on set who needs protection. We know this could be an overwhelming amount of personnel who need bodyguards, which is why it’s important to give us a call as soon as possible to discuss exactly what you’ll need to ensure the safety of all persons on set. HillQuest Security guards all have years of experience guarding A-list celebrities. Our security guards will never act before necessary; although without question, they are able to spot potential threats or compromises to one’s security before a situation arises. Performing their duties as a bodyguard is their concern, not creating hostility that could threaten anybody’s safety. 

Traffic and Crowd Management 

As mentioned before, keeping the general public at bay is no easy task on set; especially in a huge city known for being the hub of the film industry. It’s nearly impossible to find a quiet location in the city that won’t be disrupted; mostly by people passing by and stopping to watch for awhile. Our security guards can be hired to divert and keep the flow of traffic moving. Once people have a HillQuest security guard telling them to move on, it’s rare that they aren’t listened to. However, if a situation does arise, our guards are more than equipped to handle it professionally and efficiently.

Give Your Crew Peace of Mind with HillQuest Security

We know working in the film industry is already exhausting enough, that’s why you need a film set security company that hires only the best of the best so you have one less thing to worry about in pre-production.  HillQuest Security is here to give everyone involved peace of mind and comfort knowing their safety is in the best hands possible. Call us today to learn how we will secure your film set and personnel: (888) 925-8040.