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Can Los Angeles Security Guards Arrest Criminals?

Whether you’re a citizen or business owner, it’s crucial to understand what Los Angeles Security Guards are allowed to do. Staying informed will help you make important decisions and navigate situations. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about asset protection in miami.

What Can LA Security Officers Do?

First and foremost, security guards are NOT peace officers, meaning they aren’t police officers or sheriffs. This distinction changes what they can and cannot do. 

It’s vital to understand what your security can do if you’re a business owner. Here are some basics, according to the California BSIS Power to Arrest Training Manual:

  • A security agent’s primary responsibility is to protect the property or individuals they’re assigned to protect. 
  • A security officer’s primary role should be prevention. 
  • If prevention is not an option, security guards should observe and report. 
  • Security agents have the same power to arrest as any private citizen. They can perform citizen arrests if certain conditions are met. 

These are only a few points from the training manual. As you can see, HillQuest Security Officers undergo intense training to ensure they’re fit for the job. Let’s take a look at some finer details below. 

They Can Perform a Citizen Arrest

HillQuest Security Guards can perform a citizen’s arrest if specific conditions are met. The officer must have reasonable cause that the individual committed the crime or was in the middle of doing so. 

The arrested individual is called a suspect until they’re proven guilty or innocent. 

The officer must also inform the suspect of the intention to arrest, the cause for the arrest, and their authority to perform the citizen’s arrest. The security guards can only use reasonable force to detain the individual and protect themselves. 

HillQuest Security Guards are more than equipped to deal with criminal movements and perform citizen arrests. Our team is highly trained to deal with any criminal threats, like theft, vandalism, or assault. We can detain suspects and hold them until law enforcement arrives to take the arrest further. 

Can They Search the Criminal?

So, what happens after a security guard detains a suspected criminal? The security agent may search for weapons only. The officer must have cause to believe that the individual is armed, and the decision is at the discretion of the private agent’s employer. 

What Happens If They Find Contraband? 

If the security guard searches the suspect and finds contraband or stolen products, they must be left on the suspect. If there is a chance that the suspect will get rid of them, the officer can remove them. 

The security guard is to notify law enforcement of the items once they give the suspect over. However, the decision of the statement is at the direction of the employer. 

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