security guard services in Los Angeles

Is It Necessary to Hire a Security Guard with a Military Background

Many people think that the security guard services in Los Angeles consist of personnel with a military background. But not all bodyguards have such experience to make an effective security guard/bodyguard. However, if you hire some of the bodyguards at Hillquest Security, you can be sure that you are hiring people with military training.  Security Guard…

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guard security company

Need to Hire a Guard Security Company for Your Residence? Read This First

A guard security company can protect your house and your family. But how should you go about the task of hiring a security guard?  Hire a Guard Security Company that Performs Background Check  If you’re responsible for finding a security company that provides you with highly qualified and trained security guards, then opt for a…

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bank security services Los Angeles

Mistakes That Lead to Cash Van Robberies

Robbers are attracted to cash-in-transit trucks since they are rewarding. They are, however, dangerous; vans are moving, guards must be addressed immediately and security is tougher than in many other targets. As a result, this form of crime draws the interest of ‘experts,’ or those that are committed and experienced, and thus better equipped to…

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bank security services Los Angeles

How to Carry Out Cash Transactions with Your Suppliers

Suppliers are important to the survival of your business because they supply everything your business needs to meet your customer demands. There are different payment terms you can agree with your suppliers and your company must honor these terms for a healthy relationship with them. Upon maturity of the period, you may pay by check,…

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best security company in Los Angeles

Best Security Company in Los Angeles to Prevent Potential Risks During and After Business Hours

Your business faces different threats during and after office hours. Criminals can act at any time. The best security company in Los Angeles knows that each business faces a unique set of challenges. That’s why here at Hillquest Security, we customize the security plans we provide to every client.  Best Security Company in Los Angeles Solutions…

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Armed Patrol in Los Angeles

Armed Patrol in Los Angeles: Is It a Great Alternative to On-Site Security Guard?

Armed patrol in Los Angeles isn’t like an on-site security guard. Patrol guards can go from various points on your premises to look for any suspicious activity.    Since they don’t just stay in one location, they can effectively prevent any harm to your establishment.    Is Armed Patrol in Los Angeles Legal?  Yes, it’s…

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security guard services in Miami

Hotel Security Guard Services in Miami

A Higher Volume of Travelers Requires Security Guard Services in Miami Right now, Florida is the epicenter of the U.S. for vacationing during the pandemic. Everyone is pouring in from the cold states or just states that have strict lockdown restrictions to be in the warm sun where restrictions are at a minimum. While we…

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Hillquest security on patrol

Hillquest Security: Is It Necessary to Hire Security at Your Wedding?

Many of our clients are surprised when we tell them that Hillquest Security includes providing security at a wedding. But why would anyone hire security guards during this romantic day?    Of course, security guards aren’t necessary if the wedding ceremony is small. However, if yours is large, then you can expect to encounter wedding…

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Fort Lauderdale security company

Fort Lauderdale Security Company HillQuest Security

HillQuest Security serves the greater Miami area; this includes areas as far south as The Keys and as far north as Fort Lauderdale. If you’ve been searching for a Fort Lauderdale security company and haven’t found any standouts, it’s time to visit our website. HillQuest Security offers a variety of services from bank security to disaster…

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security guard companies in Miami

Security Guard Companies in Miami for Disaster Relief

While the winter isn’t considered tropical storm season here in Miami, it’s the best time of year to start preparing for when it hits in the late Spring. If you live in a high impact area that’s dealt with tropical storms in the past, you’ve probably had to search for security guard companies in Miami…

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