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Orange County Private Security on Business Premise Security During Riots or Demonstrations

The constitution gives the right for organized groups to demonstrate peacefully as they air their grievances and seek the attention of concerned authorities. Members of NGOs, human and animal rights activists, and unionists have demonstrated in the past and are free to plan other demonstrations in the future. During demonstrations, businesses face higher risks. The demonstrators…

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Beverly Hills Private Security Tips on Protecting Your Property While Traveling Abroad

A trip abroad is exciting and with every approval of your travel documents, a fresh smile is added to your face. Having your bags ready, your flight booked and your hotel paid for is good, but you must remember there is a home you are leaving behind and you will need it upon your return. Before…

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HillQuest Security on How Your Real Estate Construction Site Should Be Secured Optimally to Prevent Thefts

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves because most of them are not manned and the site can have valuable materials like copper wires, construction metal, lumber, and pipes. Every year, construction site owners and contractors lose approximately $50 million in material theft. You should never underestimate the importance of securing your construction site to…

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HillQuest Private Security: Creating a Plan to Secure Your Commercial Office Tower

High-rise buildings are common in every major town or city around the world. They provide more office space and can house many businesses. One high-rise building can house five thousand workers or more in a single day and be visited by thousands of visitors daily. The bad side of high-rise buildings is security threats that can…

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Security Patrol in Los Angeles: Why Honesty is Preferred?

Among the many qualities of a security patrol in Los Angeles you should look for, the number thing to consider is honesty. It’s vital that you only hire an honest security guard to secure your site and protect your assets against crimes. If the guard is dishonest, he might steal something from your company or put…

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