Construction sites can be extremely vulnerable at night, or even during the daytime, when no one is on site. With HillQuest Security, you don’t have to worry about trespassers or vandalization on your property when you’re not there. Our highly trained officers can be relied upon to protect your site and property. Depending upon your needs, they can be armed or unarmed, standing guards, etc. We understand how perpetrators operate, that’s why we make sure to always assess the property and then customize our officers exactly in accordance to your business needs.
Throughout the recent years, property vandalism and theft have been two of the most common crimes in the Los Angeles. General contractors across the State of California have trusted the HillQuest Construction Security Division to prevent vandalism. Vandalism and theft on a construction site can be very expensive, in fact, more expensive then to do new building.
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This is why our tailored security services address the safeguarding of industrial sites for equipment and property. We provide the tools and vehicles to maintain a safe and secure establishment for your business.

With HillQuest Security, we are always prepared to protect our client’s investments.


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