Disasters of all kinds can occur without notice. Some can be prevented or lessened with security measures, and others cannot. At HillQuest Security, we assist clients in preventing possible disasters and planning for them if they were to occur. This includes procedures for rescue, evacuation, property protection and much more. HillQuest’s armed security guards are trained to respond immediately to safely secure your business, personnel, institution, and commercial or private property.

During a disaster, industrial businesses, small businesses and institutional sites can become vulnerable, as many areas will lose power and/or cellular telephone service. This makes electronic security systems worthless and leaves businesses open to looters, burglary, and vandalism as well as other crimes. As a result, they can be very difficult to secure during a disaster. Our disaster-experienced, armed security guards are trained to secure your facilities against looters, rioters, vandals and further loss, no matter how bad the situation.

Disaster Relief Security Los Angeles

While ordinary security guards are trained to stand at the gate, there may be no gate at all after a disaster. In fact, a regular security guard may find themselves in a disaster-related personal crisis that prevents their ability to come to work. With HillQuest Security, you can count on our immediate response and depend upon our security guards and officers.

HillQuest Security also provides its clients with disaster assistance and training. If a disaster occurs, our officers are trained in evacuation procedures to protect lives and property, and work in conjunction with fire and police personnel.


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