At HillQuest Security, we believe in the safety of hotel and business establishments. Our goal is to prevent crime before it takes place, not after. Hotel security is major investment, and the safety of guests, employees and property is paramount to creating and maintaining a secure hotel establishment and a thriving business.

According to your needs and directives, HillQuest Security will assess, customize, develop and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security procedures for your business. These procedures are not only designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of security policies, but are tailored uniquely to your premises.

Let the team at HillQuest professionally handle your security situations; from accidents, theft, and vandalism to preventing trespassers and much more. We will provide you with highly trained, customized officers to guard your property and personnel; whether you are in need of one or one-hundred guards. They can remain in one post or actively patrol the entire premises. No matter what the situation, our security guards can be relied upon to insure that the property is protected and all of the entrances/exits are safe and secured. In addition, they are licensed with Power to Arrest, Baton, Pepper Spray, Firearms and CPR/First Aid.

Hotel Security Guard in Los Angeles


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