Apartment Building & Lobby Security

More than anything these days, people want a safe place to call “home” for themselves and for their families. For landlords, security in apartment buildings and in apartment building lobbies can be the difference between filling rental units to capacity or having ongoing vacancies – and it goes without saying that a landlord’s motivation should be to fill units to capacity to maximize their income. We understand this, which is why our security guards have the training and experience that apartment buildings need to keep property secure and residents safe. Our professionals have what it takes to safeguard your rental property.

Why You Need Apartment Building and/or Lobby Security Services?

Burglary is said to be the most common threat to an apartment building – and most of these incidents take place either during the day, when most residents are at work or school, or in the evening when it’s known that a particular tenant is not at home. Thieves often also work carefully, scouting the property for days – or perhaps weeks – before making entry. A good security guard service, such as that which is offered by HillQuest Security, will detect any kind of suspicious activity and thwart a burglary or any other type of criminal activity before it has a chance to manifest. What’s more is that security guards inside of your apartment building gives tenants further piece of mind that they’re living in a safe building.
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What Will Our Security Guards Do?

  • Monitor property and grounds on-site 24/7
  • Regular patrols to ensure the grounds and property are safe and to eliminate any suspicious activity
  • CCTV monitoring, when applicable
  • Create detailed monthly reports, which include incident summary reports
  • Respond quickly to any tenant issues before situations can escalate
  • Maintain a log for contractors and other service workers
  • Listen to tenants and landlords for things to keep an eye on or people to watch out for

Why Hire Security Guards?

The biggest reason to hire security services for an apartment building or complex is to ensure that your tenants are kept safe. By investing in the safety and well-being of your tenants, your apartment complex is likely to become a more desirable place to live and will be more sought after by others. In a sense, it isn’t a matter of whether to hire security guards, it’s a matter of what you could potentially lose if you were not to hire them.

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