At HillQuest Parking Services Security in Los Angeles, our ideology, techniques and systematic procedures have resulted in countless benefits for our clients throughout Southern CA; making us the foremost security company in parking management. 

Our system not only brings more customers to our clients’ businesses, but also maximizes their parking revenues in a variety of ways. By being alert during cash control procedures and expenses, we are able to provide the best quality service from our employees for our parking operations.

When a vehicle is parked in an unauthorized location or just blocking traffic, it affects and minimizes the constant flow of vehicular movements in that parking lot and to the business itself. This, in turn, can result in the loss of potential customers, and eventually can affect the client’s annual profit.

HillQuest Security offers various parking control services on private properties for many clients. Our licensed Team of mobile Parking Enforcement Officers abide by the parking by state laws and regulations and issue parking tags accordingly.

HillQuest Security parking enforcement officers are also required to go to court, on the client’s behalf, where the written and photographic records may be presented at trial.

We work with our clients, to enforce the Parking Rules and Regulations, on their property and will use tagging & towing to enforce those rules. Our Security consultants  will also make sure that your location has proper signage that is clearly displayed on the clients’ properties, before commencing the tagging of vehicles.

HillQuest Security is always available, not only to protect your property, but also to prevent parking violations by acknowledging each individual driver and their vehicles, and making sure that everyone is parked in a designated space.

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