School Security in Los Angeles

has, in recent years, become a major concern and priority for educators, staff, parents and students alike. Nowhere is it more important to have trained personnel than at our schools and colleges.

HillQuest Security Officers are highly trained specifically to handle normal school activities (for assistance and prevention) as well as handle the most difficult threats. They are constantly on guard and alert at all times.

With HillQuest Security, you can depend upon our officers to be a part and parcel of your team. From patrolling and monitoring: hallways, stairwells, toilet facilities, and outside facilities to additional public and unsupervised places of the school, our officers  ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff as well as the security of the facility. Our guards ensure a smooth traffic flow of students through the hallways; always ready to assist students with on-time arrival to class and to their assigned locations. They provide assistance with supervision during the breakfast and lunch periods as well as with the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of students. Whenever necessary and with the permission of the Principal, our officers are specially trained to deal with and remove disruptive students from classes, without using any abusive force or violence.

School security in Los Angeles


In case of emergency, HillQuest Security officers work with and assist the professional staff, police and emergency personnel in handling emergencies and/or disruptive situations. Our guards will act as the first line in reporting any discipline infractions, unauthorized visitors, and acts of vandalism to the Principal. In addition, they will immediately notify the building administration, police, and/or appropriate emergency personnel of any emergency, potentially dangerous, or unusual situations. Officers follow Policy and Regulation 8441.

  • Secure and Monitor Entrances and Exits
  • Our guards provide a variety of functions to secure the premises.
  • Encourage and ensure that students and visitors wear identification badges.
  • Assist visitors with directions and questions, as well as secure proper identification.
  • Handle and/or challenge unauthorized visitors and escort them to exits.

Care of Ill and Injured Pupils 

With HillQuest Security, schools can rest assured that ill or injured student’s needs will be addressed quickly and effectively, saving lives and sometimes life-threatening time considerations. Our guards assist the Parent Liaison, Attendance Officer, School Nurse or members of the Child Study Team (even with home visits) as needed. They also work with the Behavior Management Technician as needed.

Notify Authorities – Substance and Child Abuse, Extreme Medical Conditions

Our security officers will notify the appropriate personnel immediately of evidence of:

  • substance abuse or individuals appearing to be under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or anabolic steroids
  • child abuse
  • child neglect
  • severe medical or social conditions
  • potential suicide

Part of The Team – Role Models

HillQuest Security prides itself on serving as a valuable part of your team. We participate in appropriate in-service and workshop programs. We promote student responsibility for their behavior and attitude, and serve as a role model in every aspect, including dressing and grooming professionally.

Our officers lead by displaying ethical and professional behavior in working with students, parents, school personnel, and outside agencies associated with the school. They protect the confidentiality of records and information about staff by using discretion when sharing any such information within legal confines. In addition, they will perform any duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of HillQuest employment, as assigned by a supervisor, and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.

HillQuest Security strictly adheres to federal statutes and regulations, State school laws, construction codes, State Board of Education rules and regulations, Board of Education policies and procedures, and its contractual obligations.


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