Best Bodyguard Company in Los Angeles

Do Billionaires Have to Hire the Best Bodyguard Company in Los Angeles?

Billionaires are often the target of criminals. That’s why they only hire the best bodyguard company in Los Angeles to provide them with the best security team to keep them safe. However, executive protection may not always be necessary for all billionaires.

The Best Bodyguard Company in Los Angeles to Protect VIPs

Executive protection is one of the services provided by Hillquest Security. The protected person can be a billionaire or a CEO. When you’re rich, you need to be protected from people who want to harm you. But some rich people don’t require protection. They can just walk around the city without a form of bodyguard.

However, if you’re a billionaire, like Mark Zuckerberg, you should not take the risk. According to Business Insider, Meta spent $26.8 million on security and private jets for Mark in 2021. Mark also has 24/7 bodyguard protection. His corporate security costs are higher than other Big Tech executives. And in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica, Meta’s spending on security for Mark has doubled.

Indeed, you’re not Mark Zuckerberg. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars for a bodyguard. But if you’re rich, you might have created a lot of enemies in your life who wish you harm. And this is where having a bodyguard has become vital.

Ad Hoc Basis

You may not need a 24/7 bodyguard. It’s especially true if you’re not famous. However, if you do go to a place where crimes are rampant and you can’t avoid going because it’s an important business transaction, then you must have a bodyguard. You can hire one or two. It all depends on the risk you are facing.

Not a Typical Bodyguard

When you think of a bodyguard, you immediately imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger or someone similar. He can be the guy who is 6 feet nine inches tall. But this type of bodyguard is for the movies. Not all bodyguards are that tall. You can hire a bodyguard with a medium build. He can be thin. But the most important thing here is the skills of the bodyguard. The bodyguard must be highly trained on how to protect you.

Executive Protection

Hillquest Security offers a team of bodyguards who will protect you in the most undetected but completely secure way. It means that they know how to act to protect you without putting your life in danger. Whether you need bodyguard protection when you travel or go to your workplace, our bodyguard services are always there for you. Our bodyguards are highly trained people. They are ready to deter threats before they even emerge.

Best Bodyguard Company in Los Angeles

Leading Providers of Executive Protection

Hillquest Security is one of the leading security firms that offer celebrity protection in the world. The firm provides first-class VIP services for actors, music stars, and producers worldwide. Find out more about why CEOs, music artists, and local and international celebrities consider us the best bodyguard company in Los Angeles. Contact us here: 1 (888) 925-8040.