Security Guard Companies in Inland Empire

Do You Need Multiple Officers or Just a Few Guards?

When contacting security guard companies in Inland Empire, one of the things you might want to know is the number of officers to hire. The number will depend on the purpose of having security guards in the first place. The general rule is that the bigger the area to be protected, the more security guards must be deployed. Nevertheless, it is still best to consult with an expert regarding this matter.

Security Guard Companies in Inland Empire in Helping You Find the Right Number of Guards

The only way to know how many officers are to be deployed is to talk to a security expert. You may need multiple officers for the following situations:

Wide Area to Cover

Security guards at Hillquest Security are highly trained. Some of them are ex-military officers. But no matter how competent they are, they can’t be in two places at once. That’s why it’s ideal to deploy multiple officers if there’s a lot of spaces to cover. For instance, if you’re holding a huge event in an arena and you’re expecting thousands of attendees, then you need various security guards to patrol the entire area. If something happens, the security officers can easily respond.

Security Guard Companies in Inland Empire

Transporting Valuable Items

If you’re transporting items worth millions of dollars, then, you must have multiple officers protecting the items. For instance, if you’re hosting a charity auction of antiques, you will need several officers to guard the items while in transport. You’ll also need security guards to protect the high-valued items while on display.

The Number of Attendees

It’s not just the items you are protecting. Rather, you also need to protect the people who visit your building or attend your event. If you’re hosting large events, you will need more than 10 officers. More officers are needed if you’re hosting a rowdy event, such as a sports event. According to this post, it’s best to have one officer for every 75 to 150 people. Even if you deploy the best officers to the event, they can’t still control the area and the people if they are outnumbered.


The main goal of having security guards is to protect the area and the people in it. When guests enter, say, a building, they feel secure and safe if they see security officers around. They know that someone with authority is watching over them. You can combine armed and unarmed officers or uniformed and non-uniformed personnel. The choice is yours. However, the only way to know which options are ideal is to consult with your experts. The number of security guards you will need will depend on a lot of factors, like area, the type of event, and the number of people you wish to protect. Talk to one of the reliable security guard companies in Inland Empire today for a free consultation: (888) 925-8040.