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Do You Need Security Guard Services Orange County?

Sometimes, finding security guard services in Orange County can be a nightmare. Scrolling through tons of amateur listings, filtering through second-rate companies, and fielding results from companies charging astronomical prices for virtually zero services can be disheartening, and many home and business owners end up eventually abandoning the search. At HillQuest Security and Patrol, we’ve heard countless horror stories from clients who have hired the wrong company and found themselves several thousand dollars poorer but no more secure. 

 HillQuest Security and Patrol

Our team of security professionals is working to change the way people look for and view security companies, one client, at a time. We are the best and most reliable security guard service in Orange County and have proudly been serving it and the surrounding communities for more than 20 years. Our team is comprised of only the best, most highly-trained, and most dependable security professionals, all dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum security and comfort. 

About HillQuest Security and Patrol

Founded more than 20 years ago by a former Marine Officer, HillQuest Security and Patrol has been building trusted relationships and shelling out quality security advice and service ever since. Founded on the same principals that guide our work today, HillQuest Security and Patrol hires only qualified professionals from military, police, and security backgrounds to join our elite team of professionals. 


When you choose us to be your security provider, you are guaranteed a professional experience. Highly-trained and well-versed in maintaining client privacy, our team of professional security associates works with the utmost professionalism and discretion. 

Security Services from HillQuest

One of the reasons we have become one of Orange County’s most trusted security providers is because of our broad range of services. There is virtually no limit to the kinds of services we provide, and our dedicated team has handled security projects of all sizes from small residential homes to large convention centers. Here are some of the security services we provide: 

A Trusted Community Security Provider

One of the best recommendations you can get is from members of your own community. HillQuest Security and Patrol has built our reputation partially on the praise of our satisfied customers and their recommendation of us. Each and every client we take on is treated with the utmost care and respect, and we work hard to ensure an optimal security solution is developed for each and every situation. If you want to know how some of your neighbors have felt about their experience working with HillQuest Security and Patrol, take a look at some of our testimonials and find out. 


Find out how we can help secure your home or business by calling HillQuest Security and Patrol today at (888) 952-8040.