Foot Patrol Security in Los Angeles

Does Foot Patrol Security in Los Angeles Prevent Crime?

Preventing criminal activity like theft, vandalism, and assault is a top priority for many businesses. Several services are available, ranging from stationary guards to Foot Patrol Security in Los Angeles. But will on-foot guards really reduce crime in your area? Let’s take a deeper look. 

What the Studies Say

In 2009, the Philadelphia Police Department and researchers from the Department of Criminal Justice executed the Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment. The experiment had officers patrol the highest crime rate areas on foot in pairs of two. After three months, violent crime decreased in those areas by 23% comparatively. 

The officers also developed a comprehensive knowledge of their patrol routes, allowing them to adapt and adjust their patrol style. Furthermore, most communities support foot patrols and feel satisfied and less fearful of crime. 

Who Should Hire Foot Patrol Security in Los Angeles?

Criminal activity is typically concentrated, and foot patrols security works best in focused environments. Security guards can’t manage or deter crime as effectively in larger environments. So, what types of businesses benefit the most from foot patrol security?

Apartment Complexes 

The security of an apartment can make or break its reputation. Apartment complexes benefit greatly from foot patrol services. One of the most common threats these sites face is burglary performed both day and night. Many thieves will scout locations for several days before making their move.

Fortunately, HillQuest Security Guards can detect suspicious activity and prevent burglaries or other criminal activities before it arises.

Our guards conduct regular foot patrols on property grounds to monitor any suspicious behaviour. They also inspect for any vandalism, graffiti, or other criminal activity. If they notice anything unusual, they provide detailed and timely reports.

Furthermore, on-foot security officers can speak to tenants about any suspicious behaviour to receive an inside scoop. The security guards’ presence also provides tenants peace of mind that they’re safe and protected.

Large Construction Sites

Construction sites also benefit from on-foot security. Construction sites are vulnerable, especially at night when the workers are at home resting. These locations typically have expensive equipment, dangerous areas, and vulnerable assets.

Many locations—like new building construction—encounter vandalism and graffiti at night from rowdy teenagers. 

Fortunately, on-foot officers from HillQuest Security can monitor the area and deter any suspicious activity. We strategically position guards across the site and develop routes that prevent the most crime. This way, you don’t have to worry about loss from vandalism or trespassing at night.


Hotels are similar to apartment complexes and benefit significantly from on-foot officers. Hundreds of individuals from across the world visit hotels daily, making locations vulnerable to criminal behaviour, like trespassing, theft, vandalism, and assault. On-foot agents can monitor the premises and deter any incidents before it starts. 

Foot Patrol Security in Los Angeles

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