Executive Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles In Unprecedented Times

So far, 2020 has been a year associated with heightened safety concerns. With the coronavirus, you or your client has probably felt like they need more security to protect themselves and their loved ones. This is absolutely true. Living in a time of turmoil and confusion, it’s important to step up your security services right away. Bodyguard services in Los Angeles are a necessity right now. Now that people have taken to the streets to riot or peacefully protest, your security is an even bigger concern. HillQuest Security is ready to protect you and your client today. 

Professional Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles

Whether you’re sheltering at home or have to be out and about, HillQuest bodyguards are ready to provide you with expert-level security. Our bodyguards are highly trained professionals; equipped to disengage and de-escalate any dangerous situation that may affect or harm our clients. Many of our bodyguards are former military or government workers, as well as off-duty police officers. Unlike many security companies, HillQuest Security has very strict requirements for who we hire. Many bodyguards and/or security guards want to assert their dominance; therefore potentially creating dangerous situations and compromising the safety of the client. At HillQuest Security, our bodyguards are professional and polite. Their concentration is only on your safety. 

Feel at Ease When Outside Your Home

Even if you are still quarantining, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to go outside at some point. Since the number of coronavirus cases is predicted to rise and fall in waves, and who knows how long people will take to the cities to riot, it could be a long time before you feel safe going outside. However, we know that situations arise that require us to leave home. In March, it was easier to say, “I’ll quarantine until the virus is over.” Looking back, it’s clear that this just isn’t always an option. Instead of heading out not feeling 100% safe with your current security services, call HillQuest Security today and let us explain exactly how we’ll keep you safe during these unprecedented times. It’s better to at least call to learn about what we can offer than to step outside again feeling nervous about your protection. Our staff is incredibly polite and will understand if you are just looking into new security services. There is no pressure nor hard feelings if you just want some information. Of course, above all else, your safety is what matters to us at HillQuest Security. 

Last-Minute Services

HillQuest Security is open 24/7 with someone always ready to take your call. If you find yourself needing last-minute bodyguard services in Los Angeles, we can have a bodyguard ready for you at any time of the day or night. Whether you’re jumping on a plane or are sick of being at home and just want to venture out, HillQuest Security bodyguards are here for it all. Call us today, tonight, or at 3 AM: 1.888.925.8040.