We have a team of dedicated, skilled executive officers who will protect you in a way that is undetectable yet completely secure, without putting your life in danger in any way. Whether our clients need protection for traveling, residential, or simply for the workplace, HillQuest Security is always there. Our agents are trained professionals always ready to deter threats before they occur. It is our company policy that your protection is guaranteed. 

Executive Protection You Can Trust

HillQuest Executive Protection Services (also known as private bodyguards) is one of the leading companies for celebrity protection in the world. Not only does HillQuest offer domestic protection to local celebrities, we also provide first class VIP services for well-known A-List film producers, actors, & music stars globally. With HillQuest Security, celebrity traveling has never been made easier; whenever and wherever a celebrity wants to travel, our licensed celebrity protections are available to provide each client with the utmost personal protection.

Confident bodyguard wearing sunglasses while standing against woman and private jet

Our bodyguards are available for any type of event or circumstances. Currently, HillQuest Security provides VIP protection to numerous A-list celebrities nationwide. Whatever your preferences may be, premium seating in your favorite restaurants or sports events, to getting into the nights hottest venues, a Helicopter ride, or just a quiet night in town without interference from the paparazzi, all is accomplished through our high quality services. Our VIP protection is confidential, and many celebrities count on us for their protection. All our bodyguards are trained to handle big crowds and deter the paparazzi, when needed. Our executive protection officers are available on an “as need” basis. HillQuest utilizes former military and off duty police officers to ensure the safety of our clients. One aspect that distinguishes HillQuest from the competitors is that we guarantee a full refund, if our service is not delivered as promised.


Executive protection agents are highly trained professionals equipped to disengage and de-escalate any dangerous situation that may affect or harm our clients. Our executive protection officers include a wide range of professionals, from undercover officers and ex-military to former government agents. These highly trained officers often and successfully use their specialized knowledge as a way to keep clients out or danger.  

Although there are many executive protection companies out there, HillQuest Security stands out by ensuring that each client receives exceptional protection from the moment they step out of their house, office or studio. HillQuest Security also provides executive protection services that cater to both personal and corporate needs.


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