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Executive Security During COVID-19

Social distancing has become the new normal for the average American. Avoiding large groups and darting to the other side of the road to get away from someone anytime you’re out has been common for many weeks now. However, if you are well known or a famous icon, social distancing is a much bigger challenge. From paparazzi swarming around you to fans asking to take photos with you (which usually results in getting very close to one another) it’s much tougher to maintain the recommended six feet of space. If you have a client in search of bodyguard services in Los Angeles during COVID-19, HillQuest Security has highly trained bodyguards who have proven track records of protecting their clients. Our bodyguards will give you the added security you need during COVID-19. Because many of our guards are former military and off-duty police officers, they use highly sought after skills to keep you protected. They know how to de-escalate a situation quickly and professionally, while still remaining polite. 

bodyguard services in Los Angeles

Bodyguard Services Right Here in Los Angeles

Going out into public is already hard enough for celebrities or well-known icons, especially in a huge city like Los Angeles where people always have their eye out for stars. Now that they have the added worry of catching COVID-19 germs, it’s even tougher to go about their lives. If you have a client who has expressed interest in added security during COVID-19, they need bodyguard services in Los Angeles. Additionally, not everyone is practicing social distancing, meaning that they might not have the wherewithal to avoid approaching your client. This is why it’s vital to have a bodyguard every time that your client steps out, whether it be from their home or office, our bodyguards will be there in a flash. 

Enhanced Security for Any Occasion 

Whether your client wants to head out for a run or pick up some groceries, HillQuest Security gives them the freedom to do so without worrying about fans or paparazzi interfering. We are available for any event or circumstance and are open 24/7. We know that situations arise last minute and you may need a bodyguard on the job quickly, so we can provide our services last minute as well. HillQuest Security bodyguards have built a rapport with many celebrities, making us a well-known and trusted security service in Los Angeles. 

Higher Risk Persons Need Heightened Security 

If you have a client that has an immunodeficiency or asthma, it is vital that they have a bodyguard protecting them during the entire duration of COVID-19. Our Los Angeles bodyguards are trained to foresee oncoming confrontations from fans before they occur. Additionally, they are trained to keep an eye out for paparazzi and stop them before they can approach the client. By choosing HillQuest Security, your client’s protection is guaranteed.