Security Services in Hollywood

Facts About Security Services in Hollywood

Hollywood is somewhat of a semi-unusual place all on its own. There are very rich people, some of whom seem to have forgotten they inhabit the world with a couple more billion beings, and you have people trying to get their big break. You also have hordes of really beautiful people. Everywhere, to the point where it is a little jarring for people visiting from other countries. But here is what is unusual about security services in Hollywood.

Celebrities Are Hiring More In-Home Guards

Do we live in a culture of fear? Has the pandemic changed the way people feel? Were they affected by being forced to stay home? Who is to tell, but the fact is that during the Biden administration, far more celebrities hired in-home guards. These are people who stay in the house with the celebrity. This may not seem odd for people like the now-deceased Michael Jackson, or for people like Oprah Winfrey, but even TV actors are getting in-house guards these days.

Security Services and Privacy

Security services have to be private, which means security services cannot brag about their high-class top-tier clientele. However, when a studio or production company hires their services, they often have very loose nondisclosure terms. For example, a guard who is asked to guard a bus may not be allowed to say what happened on the bus.

Movie Set Security is Fewer Nowadays

The pandemic closed most movie sets and severely restricted the work being undertaken in most of them. Since the pandemic lockdowns ended, people started working on movie sets, but on a much lower scale. CGI and special effects are now used to such an extent that larger studio scenes need far less dressing and far fewer people in them. As a result, security services are in far less demand on movie sets. 

Security Services Are Often Sent to the Hollywood Sign

Security around the big sign is a serious topic. The sheer amount of movement around it to make sure it isn’t blown up or vandalized is far more than most people realize. Security is so tight that if a shift change is late, or some personnel does not arrive because of backed-up traffic, they will fly replacement staff or have others shipped in from other areas. 

Security Services in Hollywood

More and More People Want Security Services

Again, is this another sign that we are a culture living in fear? It is quite possible, but then it is also possible that more people want security because it is less expensive these days. Even companies like Hillquest Security and Patrol are offering deals to small businesses and to individuals to suit any budget. They do it because security shouldn’t be an elitist luxury. Anybody and any business should be able to feel safe under the guard of security services in Hollywood. Contact Hillquest Security and Patrol if you would like a fair-priced security service to help keep you, your business, and your family safe.