Security Guard Los Angeles

Find a Security Guard in Los Angeles to Protect Your Property

Sometimes, you just want an added touch of security, and when you do, you should be calling HillQuest Security and Patrol. Originally founded by a former Marine Officer, HillQuest Security and Patrol is dedicated commitment and excellence, providing residents of Los Angeles with the best and most reliable security services. Whether you are in need of executive protection, special event protection, parking security, or patrol services, our team can help you keep your property and your assets safe. 

Reasons to Hire Security for Your Property

If you have a vacant lot, own a construction site, or are leaving a property empty for an extended period of time, it is possible that the wrong people could take notice. Squatters, thieves, vandals, and trespassers may take advantage of an unattended site, entering illegally and against your will. Resulting theft, vandalism, or unsafe practices can leave you feeling negative about your property, and give you an uneasy feeling once you return. Similarly, homes or businesses in certain locations may experience unwanted attention from thieves and squatters, making you feel unsafe even while at home. 

Security Guard Los Angeles

HillQuest Security and Patrol can help to restore security to your home or business. With our help, you can secure your property, prevent theft and vandalism, and keep unwanted visitors out. Even simple services like our mobile patrol services can help you to prevent trespassing. An established presence by one of our dedicated security patrol vehicles can help ensure the safety and security of your property, and dissuade those that may wish to invade your space. 

Security Systems

Another way to keep trespassers and thieves from accessing your property is by installing security systems. An alarm system can not only help dissuade criminals from entering your property but can also ensure the proper authorities are notified in case of an undesired infiltration. 


At HillQuest Security and Patrol, the systems we provide are some of the best and highest quality. Once installed, your alarm system will be ready and waiting to alert us to any suspicious behavior, and our security professionals can be on the scene in minutes. A high-quality security system can allow you to leave your home on business or vacation without worrying about the safety of it and your belongings and can give you peace of mind in areas of moderate to high crime rates. 


Find out how HillQuest Security and Patrol can help protect your home or business by calling us today at (888) 925-8040.