movie set security guard services in Orange County

Find the Best Movie Set Security Guard Services in Orange County

Film production will take you many different places. You’re going to be carrying a lot of valuable equipment, taking important people around, and spending long hours in third party locations. To someone not familiar with the industry, this might sounds like a security nightmare. But good producers understand this is perfectly manageable by hiring the right security. Well, if you’re heading outside the studio zone to film, you can count on HillQuest to offer the best movie set security guard services in Orange County.

Why Hire Movie Set Security?

Movie sets are crazy places. Yes, they’re fun and exciting, but they’re also largely unpredictable. You never really know what you’re going to run into. Especially when it comes to security concerns. But since everyone on a set is already worried with a hundred and one things, no one has the time to worry about this. This is why you hire security guard services to take those concerns off your back.

movie set security guard services in Orange County

Crowd and Traffic Management

When shooting on the street, you are going to need crowd and traffic control. You simply don’t want random people wandering into the set, or cars interfering with the production. Not to mention, uncontrolled pedestrian and vehicle traffic can easily become a safety hazard. Movie sets just have a lot of moving pieces, you never know what can happen. That’s what security guards are here for: to make sure no one who isn’t supposed to be on the set is there.

Night Shoots

Overnight shoots are beyond hectic. People are tired, cranky, and hyper focused on getting the job done as soon as possible. The late hours also mean every single security concern you have on a set is heightened due to the low light and energy. You need experienced, attentive security guards to make sure every production asset is accounted for at the end of the shoot. With HillQuest Security, you can focus on getting your footage while we ensure everyone is safe and secure.

Securing VIP Areas

There are often going to be important people on movie sets. From big-shot producers to A-list actors, these people are most likely going to want additional security. HillQuest guards are fully prepared to professionally enforce security for VIP cast and crew members, appropriately handling VIP areas and protecting star trailers from fans and paparazzi. All of your prominent set players can comfortably feel at ease throughout your production with our security guards present.

Security Guard Services in Orange County

Filmmaking is supposed to be a fun endeavor, but only as long as it’s also safe. Well, we at HillQuest Security pride ourselves on how professional, proactive, and polite our security guards are. You will never a find more reliable and attentive team to complement your production.

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