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Having General Security in Riverside CA May Help Lower Insurance Costs

In the US, a burglary happens every 15 seconds. You may install security systems in your commercial building or businesses. But it’s not enough to deter theft. That’s why it makes sense if your insurance company lowers your monthly premium if you have security measures in place. With that in mind, hiring general security in Riverside can effectively lower your monthly premiums for your business. 


Hiring General Security in Riverside to Deter Criminals 

Even if your insurance company won’t give you the bonus of having a low monthly premium, having a visible security presence in your establishment can offer tons of benefits. One of them is the fact that it can deter criminals. They can’t enter your property to steal. The security officers will be your eyes and ears. 


The security officers at Hillquest Security Services are all licensed by the state of California. They also have a security officer license to guarantee that they are trained to guard any businesses. 


Does the officer need to wear a uniform? It depends on your needs. Some businesses don’t require security officers to be in uniform. They simply want them to wear plain clothing to go undercover. 


But no matter what type of clothing you want them to wear, they will guarantee to protect your business. With a visible security presence on your business or property, it might help in bringing down the insurance premiums of your business. 

general security in Riverside

Install Burglar Alarm

Another thing to consider if you wish to lower the insurance premium of your business is to install a burglar alarm system. This system goes hand in hand with other monitoring systems. They can deter burglars who can trigger an alarm sensor. 


When the alarm is triggered, a loud sound is activated causing the thieves to make a run for it. Of course, burglars are, most of the time, smart people. They don’t go to establishments with security and monitoring systems. Rather, they go to places that are easier to target. 


Without a security officer roaming and protecting the vicinity and an alarm system, thieves can easily steal your valuable items. It’ll be a lot difficult to make an insurance claim if that happens. 


That’s why insurance companies are willing to offer clients a lower insurance premium to prevent burglaries so they can avoid paying you. 


You should also consider restricting access to your business at certain times. This is especially true if you have limited security officers patrolling the area. 


As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter whether or not your insurance company will give you a lower monthly premium. The visible presence of security officers can offer a lot of benefits to your business. It protects your business, your customers, and employees against crimes. 


How many security officers should you hire for your business? You should consult our experts. Here at Hillquest Security Patrol Services, we understand that every client has unique needs. We can’t just recommend a number without first knowing what the needs of your business are. 


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