retail security service in Los Angeles

Heightened Security During COVID-19 in Los Angeles

Maintaining Peace at Your Retail Locations  

The global pandemic has taken a toll on just about everyone by now. Shopping trips have become increasingly stressful as many shelves are empty and maintaining six feet of space between each customer is not always possible. If you’re tired of reiterating the “one item per household rule” for many products such as toilet paper, gallons of water, eggs, etc., or have noticed more unruly customers, it’s time to hire a retail security service in Los Angeles. Because HillQuest Security trains security guards to be polite yet professional, they’re experts in de-escalating situations in an efficient and effective manner. Their goal is never to make a customer feel scared by their presence but rather to make all customers feel safer and secure while they’re shopping. 


retail security service in Los Angeles

Minimize Loss Prevention with HillQuest 

Unfortunately, retail theft has increased during the pandemic for many reasons. Customers have been laid off and may be struggling to pay for their groceries. Or, alternatively, they are feeling frustrated by the lack of control they currently have and are using stealing as a form of unhealthy stress release. Regardless of their motivations, you do not have to become a victim of theft and have your products stolen. HillQuest security guards are highly trained experts with years of experience in not just retail security, but commercial and residential security as well. If you have noticed an increase in shoplifting or are concerned that it may become an issue in the future, HillQuest is ready to send over our security guards as soon as you’d like. Because we’re open 24/7, you can call us at any time to request our services.

Protect Your Employees

You don’t have to tell us how hard your employees are working during the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand the long hours and extra effort that essential workers are putting in right now to provide the best service for your customers during these difficult times. The best thing you can give them right now is protection while they go about their jobs. You may not be able to ensure that they won’t come into contact with germs from customers, but you can guarantee that they’ll be safe from unruly customers when you hire HillQuest Security. Not only will we be providing your employees with protection, but it’ll also give the people in their lives who care about them some peace of mind. 

Stop Incidents Before They Happen 

HillQuest Security guards are trained to recognize a potential incident before it happens. They know what suspicious behaviors to look for when observing customers and can prevent situations from arising through their polite yet professional skills. If you’d rather our security guards blend in with customers, we are more than willing to work in plain clothes and even be secret shoppers, where it appears as though we’re just another customer in the store. Call us anytime at 1.888.925.8040