bodyguard services in Los Angeles

HillQuest Private Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles Area

People are prone to forget that celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us. Sometimes they want to enjoy a quiet night out or have fun at the hottest local venues without disruptions or distractions. Paparazzi, intrusive fans, and even other VIPs can make that difficult. That’s why VIP protection is so highly recommended to entertainers and other household names.

Who Uses VIP Protection?

VIP protection, private bodyguards, and executive protection services all refer to the same thing- a trained professional who accompanies and oversees A-listers and important figures from a multitude of different industries. They can be found at events like political rallies, clubs and parties, movie premieres, and providing movie set security. Here is a brief list of people that bodyguard services in Los Angeles will most often be sought out by:

  • Politicians and political figures
  • Musicians
  • Models and fashion designers
  • CEOS and other prominent corporate leaders
  • Artists
  • Athletes, coaches, and sports commentators
  • News anchors and news correspondents
  • Radio personalities
  • Authors

bodyguard services in Los Angeles

What Are the Other Benefits of Using VIP Protection?

Aside from the intended benefits of personal protection, there are a few other benefits that you can enjoy when you hire bodyguard services in Los Angeles. Here are just a few of the things that you can look forward to when you choose HillQuest Executive Protection Services.

Internal Protection

Paparazzi, other A-listers, and so on aren’t the only people who attempt to harm clients just like you. Sometimes current or former employees hold grudges and may try to act on those feelings. HillQuest Executive Protection Services prevents these situations from occurring by being mindful and observant of everyone around our clients, not only strangers.

Increased Efficiency

No matter the place or event, if we’re providing movie set security or Orange County private event security, executive protection guards need to check every location and venue in advance. They are familiar with the layout, they have access to restricted areas, and on-site security staff knows who they are. It’s easier to navigate and helps clients go about their day on time.

Mutual Trust

We build trust with our clients by respecting their privacy as much as possible. Even when we communicate on their behalf we remain polite, discrete, and exercise properly cultivated skills in interpersonal communication.


Having worked with so many other clients has given our agents transferable skills that they can use to further provide you with comprehensive protection. Much of this can also be attributed to the fact that many of our agents have a history of working in the police force or the military.

What Else Should Clients Know?

There is a misconception that hiring private security means traveling with armed, conspicuous agents at all times. Clients have the option of choosing whether or not they want their bodyguards to be armed and how noticeable they want them to be. Further, private security is not trained to reach for a weapon at the first sign of danger. Our job is to cover and evacuate, not resort to using force no matter the situation. Clients may feel more comfortable knowing that the people protecting them are not the belligerent and unskilled muscular types that the media often portrays us as.

We are here for your safety, not to cause anyone else injury, but we can and will take action if and when necessary.

Others think private security guards follow you everywhere and can enjoy the same luxuries and amenities as you, but this simply isn’t true. We may attend events or ride on private jets but we don’t do this for fun, and we never intrude in the personal lives of our clients. We take a firm stance against the ‘bodyguard.

Lastly, we know that not every celebrity can afford private security. As such we provide our services on an as-needed basis to producers, directors, and other crew members for an optimal movie set security. Once your job is finished then ours is too, but we hope to establish long-term working relationships even with our short-term contracts.

How Can I Find the Best Executive Protection Services?

We are not simply one of the leading bodyguard services in Los Angeles, we are one of the leading bodyguard services in the world. HillQuest Security Services earned this reputation through our unwavering dedication to providing our clients with unrivaled executive protection. Whether you require Orange County private event security or bodyguard services in Los Angeles, HillQuest is here for you. Contact us today for your free consultation. If you aren’t in the Los Angeles area there’s no need to worry. People in the Miami area can still take advantage of our world-renowned bodyguard services.