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HillQuest Private Security: Creating a Plan to Secure Your Commercial Office Tower

High-rise buildings are common in every major town or city around the world. They provide more office space and can house many businesses. One high-rise building can house five thousand workers or more in a single day and be visited by thousands of visitors daily. The bad side of high-rise buildings is security threats that can come from within and outside the building. Threats can range from theft, fire, natural disasters, property damage, and so on. Property managers, in collaboration with business owners, should work on an elaborate security plan for the building. 

 Controlled entry 

 A primary security arrangement in a high-rise building should be controlled access. There should be the main front access for use by people and the backside access for motorists and delivery vehicles. The side access points should only be open during emergencies. The property managers should have security personnel controlling the movement of people, vehicles, and goods in and out of the building. A good choice of security team could be one from Orange County security services

 Use of access cards by workers

 Every business operating within the high-rise building can arrange and have an access card for their workers. This is a card every worker can swipe and key in their unique code or scan their thumbs to gain access. It will help the security team from the best security company Los Angeles identify visitors, scan them and issue them with visitor’s access cards. 

 Controlling the risk of fire 

 Fire is a great threat and carries a high risk on high-rise buildings. The building houses complex electrical installations, pipework, and communication installations. Each business might have a busy kitchen and also use electrical gadgets daily.A better security arrangement would be to install a complex fire detection and control system. Each floor should have powerful hose pipes and fire extinguishers ready for use. 

 Controlling threat from people

 Bad people can gain unauthorized access to steal, cause havoc or carry out terrorist activities. Some other tenants might be smugglers or have suspicious business dealings. The management should have cameras along staircases, waiting areas, and corridors including the exterior parts of the building. The security team should preferably be from armed patrol Los Angeles, monitoring the cameras in a security room 24/7. They should be able to swiftly respond any time. 

 Threats from outside the building 

 It can be a terrorist threat, attacks by violent demonstrators, gangsters seeking entry, and so on. These kinds of threats should be handled by a security team on the ground and on patrol. The team can alert their colleagues in the building to lock the promises if they find a real threat. A mobile patrol security orange county can be on standby to be called upon anytime backup is needed. 

 Is your commercial building secure? Let an experienced security team help

 Threats to your high-rise commercial building can come from any angle. It can be a threat of fire, leaking pipes, terrorism, theft, and so on. Security arrangement in a high-rise building is complex and requires an experienced security team. We have the right experience and have served many clients. Call us for questions or security arrangements for your building on telephone number 1 888 925 8040.