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HillQuest Private Security Services: Tips on Ensuring Safety of Wealthy People in Your Hotel

High profile guests naturally choose luxury hotels when they travel. For your hotel to become a preferred spot for the rich, you are necessitated to provide services beyond five-star. Your hotel must have the ability to protect high-profile visitors and give them uninterrupted privacy. Although security needs for each rich guest is different, your hotel must have in place established security protocols that can fit security needs for each rich guest.

Private entrances

The greatest concern for the rich people is their security wherever they go. Luxury hotels understand this need but lack necessary plans to implement proper security details for the rich. One better way is having private entrances where important guests can enter through. The entrances must always be manned by Orange County security services so that no unauthorized guest or stranger can enter through them.

Ununiformed security detail

The rich guests might not mind spending time relaxing at the hotel lounge where other ordinary guests are or to dine in the hotel restaurant. Before they go out of their room to the public places in the hotel, they must be assured that they are safe to do so. The hotel can arrange with mobile patrol security Orange County to provide armed ununiformed security men to the guest to avoid attention from other guests who might not directly identify the rich guest.

Finding their expectations

In most cases, important guests do not book hotels the day they arrive. Most guests book their rooms at least a week before arrival. If the guest is an important person, the hotel can communicate with them and find out their expectations. It is easier to customize the security needs of the guest when the hotel understands what their need is. There can be advance arrangement of custom security and security companies in Riverside can cover this need.

Keeping guests hidden

Most rich people are VIPs and some VVIPs who require top security wherever they go and exposing them can cost their lives or abduction. The hotel management must keep the guests hidden from the public from the time they arrive at the airport, during transfer and their stay at the hotel. There should be private lifts that lead directly to their wing and when they are travelling, the vehicles they use must be secure.

Security installations

Every hotel should have security installations but if your hotel receives many rich guests, it should have extra installations beyond the cameras. The doors should be burglar proof and the guest’s data should be protected and cyber secure.

Hire customized security team for high-profile guests

Your hotel cannot afford to compromise security for high-profile guests because they bring big business to the hotel. We can provide non-uniformed security to your guests and ensure they remain hidden while at your hotel. We will go an extra mile to secure their arrival and departure. Call us today and let us discuss your guests’ security needs. Our telephone contact is 1.888.925.8040.