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HillQuest Private Security Services: Tips on Managing a Sales Surge in Your Superstore

fortunes can change for the best or worst depending on how prepared you are. A sales surge results in long queues that can meander outside your superstore, a lot of phone calls, online orders, and queues of suppliers delivering goods. Your staff gets overworked and the security systems get overstretched. You can take several precautions to help you manage a sales surge.

 Prepare an extra sales and customer service team

 Your phones shall keep ringing as customers call to order for goods or make complaints. Your superstore shelves need people to fill them immediately, customers pick their preferred items. The customer service desk shall be busy attending to walk-in clients and the tellers shall be busy scanning goods for prices, receiving payments, and packaging. Set aside a team to handle the sales and customer service.

Hire a reputable security team

Although a sales surge will help increase revenue into your superstore, you must be prepared to handle any security issues. Inside the store, not every client has good motives. Some take advantage of the surge to see a good opportunity to shoplift. If you are not careful, you can incur shoplifting losses that can run into hundreds of thousands. Arrange with Orange County Security Services and have their security men on the ground. They can have uniformed and plain-clothes guards to keep an eye on shoplifters. If you agree, they can detain shoplifters waiting for the next course of action.

 Prepare backup for the security team

 The security team from mobile patrol security Orange County will do their best to prevent shoplifting, but their naked eyes might not be enough. Arrange for security backup in terms of security cameras installed strategically and have some of the security guards sit in a room and monitor all movements within your superstore. Both security teams shall be in constant communication and will swing into action immediately they notice a security breach.

 Test your service quality

 A season of sales surge can also be a time of doom to your superstore due to poor service delivery. No matter how short the season is, ensure your service delivery quality is not affected by the surge. Arrange with one of the security companies in Riverside and let them help you test your service delivery. Their non-uniformed team can do mystery shopping and report on service delivery. Their undercover detection services can also help detect the missing links in service delivery.

 Ensure your parking is well managed

 You can lose a client simply because of a lack of parking or because of car theft. Carpark management is a tedious job and requires an experienced team to help control vehicle movement. Get an experienced security team and let them manage vehicle movements in the parking area.

 Work with an experienced security company during a sales surge

 You will be joyous to see business flow suddenly increase in your superstore, but you must be prepared to handle every pro and con that accompany the surge. Our experienced and well-trained security team can help you manage the parking, handle shoplifters, and test the resilience of your workers. Call us and together we arrange for the best outcome on telephone number 1.888.925.8040.