Hillquest security on patrol

Hillquest Security: Is It Necessary to Hire Security at Your Wedding?

Many of our clients are surprised when we tell them that Hillquest Security includes providing security at a wedding. But why would anyone hire security guards during this romantic day? 


Of course, security guards aren’t necessary if the wedding ceremony is small. However, if yours is large, then you can expect to encounter wedding crashers. 


Yes, wedding crashers are real. They’re not just in the movies. 


What the security guards will do is to have a check-in list at the venue. Guests must provide their name before they can enter. 


Hillquest Security on Patrol at Your Wedding

In addition to being at the entrance to control who’ll enter the venue, our security guards can also keep things casual. 


They are on patrol. Each time a person wants to enter the venue but he or she is not on the list of guests, then the guard can escort that person out of the venue. 


Our security guards on patrol can also watch the event and look for any suspicious behavior. 


Apart from those tasks, security guards can also protect your wedding gifts. For many large weddings, guests carry hundreds of dollars worth of items. They may also leave a card box filled with a huge amount of cash. 


But this can attract thieves. To prevent guests from stealing these items, you can post a guard at the table to monitor the area. This will deter thieves from stealing the items from the table. 


Control the Crowd 

Most weddings involve alcohol. It’s a popular theme. There’ll be open bars and most guests will want to let loose. They just want to drink and dance. 


However, alcohol can easily affect the behavior of a person. One person may start a fight and others will join in. 


To ensure that it won’t happen to your wedding, security guards will be there to help in handling the situation. 


The guards will escort the rowdy guests out of the premises. 


Secure the Parking Lot 

Apart from having a lot of guests, you’ll also have to deal with a lot of cars. Where will they park their vehicles? Indeed, there are designated places to park them. But how safe are they? 


The security guards will be there to patrol the area. They can guide your guests where they can park and find open spots. It will keep the flow of traffic. 

Hillquest Security on Patrol

How About Security Guards on Your Honeymoon? 

When you get married, one of the things that you would look forward to is the honeymoon. 


You can go somewhere, like an island, enjoy your first moment together as a married couple. 


If you’re traveling to an island that can present security risks, then you need to make sure that you have one or two people to protect you. 


Choose Hillquest 

Security guards are trained to accomplish many tasks, like protecting your guests at your wedding. If you’re still planning for your wedding, make sure to consider hiring Hillquest security guards to ensure this romantic event will be as peaceful and romantic as possible. Please contact us to know more about how we can protect you 1.888.925.8040.