HillQuest Security Mobile Patrols in Los Angeles

Mobile patrol is at the heart of HillQuest Security. From apartment complexes to gated communities, to malls and warehouses, HillQuest Security offers mobile patrols in Los Angeles services to provide security and peace of mind wherever you are. Following that, if you value safety and security from experienced and highly trained experts, you need HillQuest Security.

Residential Mobile Patrol

Owning or managing an apartment complex comes with a lot of safety concerns. You want your residents to feel safe and secure in their homes and in the surrounding area; however you also don’t want them to feel as though they’ve moved into a neighborhood thinking crime rates are high now that there are security patrol cars driving around. Absolutely call us today and not have to worry about balancing the two. Similarly, we have dealt with this concern plenty of times and can help you ensure residents are informed and feel secure. Our mobile patrol supervisors will constantly check for burglary, signs of damage, vandalism, and any other suspicious activity that occurs. You can have them patrol the area on a random basis or at periodically scheduled times. Always, they are friendly and professional to residents, their guests, and your employees. 

Commercial Mobile Patrol

Equally important, deterring criminal activity in commercial spaces, like strip malls and warehouses, is a large part of HillQuest Security’s mobile patrol services. Owning a warehouse or an office complex requires a certain amount of security; ensuring anyone in or around the building is safe and secure. Employees working in any building we patrol will always have peace of mind; allowing them to concentrate on their jobs and have one less thing to worry about when coming to work. HillQuest provides top-notch security by using a 24/7 control room to monitor your building; as well as send a mobile patrol car at any time. Call us today to discuss the level of security we have available;  24/7 manned guarding services are available as well. Our trained HillQuest Security is able to spot and prevent potential threats.

Choosing the Right Team for Your Mobile Patrol Services

HillQuest Security uses marked, well-maintained, and fuel-efficient vehicles that have state-of-the-art computers that electronically document when they arrive at your facility, what areas they checked, and when they leave. All security reports available to you in real-time through our client web portal. Of course, all incident reports are documented and will be emailed to you immediately. If the situation requires your immediate attention, you will be notified at the time of the event. Pre-agreed upon instructions is to be established and followed before we begin serving you. Whether you’re just beginning the process of searching for mobile patrols in Los Angeles or know exactly what you need, call HillQuest Security today to find out what we will do for you: (888) 925-8040.