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HillQuest Security on How Your Real Estate Construction Site Should Be Secured Optimally to Prevent Thefts

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves because most of them are not manned and the site can have valuable materials like copper wires, construction metal, lumber, and pipes. Every year, construction site owners and contractors lose approximately $50 million in material theft. You should never underestimate the importance of securing your construction site to avoid losses that can bring your project to a halt. 

 Secure the site with a fence

 Fencing your construction site is a general rule found in building and construction laws around the world. However, you should not fence your site just to fulfill law requirements. Your site should have a strong fence all around to keep away intruders. There should be a good gate and it must be closed all time. The owner should also hang on the wall several ‘No Trespassing’ signs to warn any intruders. 

Hire security guards

Having a team of security guards on your construction site can help deter intruders. They can help control the entry of workers and they can even demand that everyone who enters the site sign in a book. Talk to Orange County security services and have their team of security guards on the ground throughout the construction period. 

Install CCTV

It might cost you a considerable amount of money to install security cameras on your construction site, but it will be worth the cost. Cameras will help keep surveillance at all times and you can monitor movements and incidences in real-time or retrieve later and check if your site was secure in the night. Your team of security men from the best security company Los Angeles will also find the CCTV cameras useful in boosting their security plans. 

Install lights 

Theft in your construction site can be limited during the day because there are many workers on site. During the night and over the weekends, theft activities can be high when human traffic is limited within the site and nearby neighborhood. When there is ample light on the site, thieves might think people are manning the sight in the night and might get deterred. 

Store your valuables in a secure place

 Construction site thieves look for valuable materials like electrical wires but they might have no regard for things like stones. Build a tiny construction site house to store your valuables under lock and key. You may designate a trustworthy worker to keep a record of all that goes in and out of your construction at all times. With prior arrangement, you may also let one of the security companies in Riverside help record whatever goes in and out of the site. 

Construction site security team a call away

A lot of losses that occur due to construction site theft can be prevented if you do proper security planning. Installing lights and cameras can be very helpful, but if construction material thieves realize there is no manned security on the site, they can take advantage and steal. Call us and allow us to keep your construction site safe. Our phone number is 1 888 925 8040