HillQuest Security

HillQuest Security: Protection, Power and Peace of Mind

HillQuest Security provides top notch security throughout the entire Southern California area. We serve all of Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. For many years, We’ve protected clients from all walks of life. Always available 24/7/365, we can keep you and yours safe and secure at all times. There are several packages available that can be tailored to fit your exact security needs.

HillQuest Security Only Uses Pros

The best ex-military and off-duty cops make up the backbone of HillQuest Security. Only after going through some of the most rigorous and stringent tests are some qualified enough to join HillQuest. After going through the best possible training, HillQuest hires the most experienced and professional security guards. Every security professional at HillQuest meets and exceeds the high standards of the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Best and Newest Technology

Security has come a long way in just the last few years. To make sure that customers are getting the most, HillQuest keeps on top of the hottest trends and biggest technological breakthroughs in security.  Security pros are then outfitted with the best tech, to make sure that the best quality services are offered to clients. On top of that, HillQuest Security makes it so you can contact officers instantly through the free communication systems we provide.

HillQuest Security

Always Available

Customer support and service is something that HillQuest takes great pride in. This is especially true during emergencies. We can provide security at any time of the day or night. Mobile foot patrol security is available, as are guards that will stay at your location all day and all night. Beyond that, supervisors check the posts and officers periodically, to make sure that you’re always protected and have the peace of mind you deserve.

Best Alarm Systems

HillQuest Security uses alarm systems that combine the best of reliable technology and instant response capability. Within minutes of any signal that your system has been deactivated, triggered, or tampered with in absolutely any way whatsoever, patrol supervisors arrive, ready for anything. Regardless of your alarm system provider, HillQuest can respond quickly to any activation of the alarm. When the alarm is raised, HillQuest will be there.

Many Different Kinds of Security

Every security situation is different. HillQuest offers many kinds of security services. There’s a package for everything from security for movie sets to security for hotels. Whether it’s disaster relief, retail stores, schools, banks, any special event, commercial location or anything else – HillQuest has professionals who deter and eliminate threats all while staying in the shadows.

Security for You

HillQuest is fully licensed, insured and bonded by the state of California, so we can keep you, your family, your belongings, or anything else safe. Beyond that, we also carry a five million dollar general liability insurance policy. Just like the security we provide, we’ve taken care of all the details so that you can have greater peace of mind. For more info on staying safe, contact HillQuest Security at (800) 893-9646.