best bodyguard company in Miami

Hiring a Celebrity Bodyguard: What to Expect?

The best bodyguard company in Miami — Hillquest Security — has been protecting celebrity clients, politicians, and CEOs for several decades. The company offers executive protection agents who are willing to put their lives on the line for these VIPs. 

What Training Does a Celebrity Bodyguard from the Best Bodyguard Company in Miami Experience? 

Not all security guards can be celebrity bodyguards. Celebrity bodyguards have been trained to be ready to put themselves at great risk. They are not the type of guard with an enormous build. Rather, they are the type of person who maintains calmness in every situation. They think on their feet and can constantly adapt to change. The primary goal of these guards is to keep the clients safe. Because of how risky their job is, bodyguards who are protecting VIPs undergo executive protection courses. This course includes classroom and practical exercises. They have to complete all tasks from start to end. 

At Hillquest Security, the executive protection guards have military backgrounds or law-enforcement training. For executive protection, the job can be demanding but the guards are trained to maintain flexibility. Most clients want bodyguards, who are physically fit. But it doesn’t mean that the guard must be 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and weigh 260 pounds. When you look at celebrity bodyguards around the US, you rarely see people like that. 

best bodyguard company in Miami

Live and Work on Their Time 

Because the goal here is to provide these celebrities executive protection, guards need to live and work on their time. It means that their schedule revolves around their world. Our celebrity bodyguards at Hillquest Security are often referred by many celebrities because of the excellent services they provide. When famous people look for a good bodyguard, they would ask their friends’ or colleagues’ recommendations. No matter what the experience and qualification of the bodyguard, they would treat the recommendation in high regard. 

However, even if the bodyguards are close to their clients, they are not friends. 

It means that they don’t belong to the VIP’s entourage. In that case, the bodyguards are not asked to go to a store to pick something up. Their responsibilities also don’t include taking care of the person’s animals. 

Reasons Celebrities Choose Hillquest Security When They Need a Bodyguard

Hillquest Security is based in the US. The company has stringent hiring standards. They only hire experienced, professional security guards. The company also provides the best training to the officers. The security guards must meet the standards provided by the Bureau of security and investigative services. The executive protection comprises dedicated, skilled security officers who will protect celebrities and other VIPs in an undetectable way but completely secure. They are there to protect our clients when they travel or go to their workplace. 

They are always ready to prevent threats. The celebrity bodyguards at Hillquest are trained to handle small or big crowds. They can deter the paparazzi without resorting to violence. Choose the best bodyguard company in Miami and pick bodyguards who are former military officers or off-duty police officers. Call us for consultation: 1.888.925.8040.