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Hiring an Experienced Security Guard in Los Angeles

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a security guard is how much experience they have. An inexperienced security guard can cause more harm than good, potentially allowing threats and security problems to slip by unnoticed, or even creating a more dangerous situation than it would have been without them. Inexperienced security companies often offer more than they are truly equipped to handle, leaving unsuspecting customers without help during emergencies. 


In Los Angeles, there is no shortage of low-quality security providers clambering for your attention. Though these sub-par security contractors tend to use flashy advertising to get the attention of potential clients, don’t fall for their peacocking. If you are a home or business owner living in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, there is only one security company you should call, one that has been trusted by countless home and business owners throughout Los Angeles for more than 20 years

Tips for Finding Experienced Security Guards

If you can’t rely on the advertising of security companies, how are you supposed to select the best one? Since not every security company is created equal, we want to help you learn how to find the right one for you. Try these tips for selecting an experienced security company:

Ask for an Estimate

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that you are dealing with an inexperienced security company is if they refuse to give you an estimate for their services. Good security companies are familiar with the services they offer and will be able to work closely with you to design a custom plan just for you and your unique needs. Ask your potential security contractor to provide you with an estimate for their services, if it’s the right one, they’ll help you get clarity on every aspect of their service. 

Consult Your Neighbors

Another great way to identify excellent security providers is by talking to your friends and neighbors. Reputation is about more than just perception; a company with a good reputation is one that has served its customers well. An endorsement from fellow home and business owners is super valuable, and we suggest you trust the opinions of your peers. Check to see which security companies are most used and most highly rated, these will always be more reliable than those with fewer or lower ratings and reviews. 


Ask Questions

When you consult with a security company, be sure to ask questions. A good security company will have no trouble answering these and will be happy to help you understand every aspect of their services. Additionally, a good security company will always set your mind at ease, so if the answers to your questions are not reassuring you, run the other way. 

HillQuest Security and Patrol

HillQuest Security and Patrol is the best and most trusted security company in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. For more than 20 years, our team of security professionals has been keeping home and business owners safe from security threats and vandalism. Having served countless individuals throughout Los Angeles, HillQuest is also one of the most experienced security providers you will find anywhere. 

Security Professionals with Police and Military Experience

Originally founded by a former Marine Officer, HillQuest Security and Patrol continues to hire security professionals with diverse backgrounds in military, police, and security work. Each and every one of our security professionals is experienced in a variety of security and protection techniques, and are always fully vetted so we ensure we hire only the most trustworthy professionals. With our team of experienced security guards on your side, you can rest assured that your home or business is in trustworthy hands. 

Security Services

At HillQuest Security and Patrol, our team of professionals has experience in a huge variety of areas. Our security team has worked on residential, commercial, and executive security details for countless clients throughout California and know all the ins and outs of the security business. At HillQuest Security and Patrol, there is no limit to the services we can provide. Included in our services are the following: 

  • Mobile patrol
  • Executive and private protection services
  • Security systems
  • Hotel security
  • Parking security
  • Special events security
  • Movie/TV set security
  • Undercover and uniformed security guards

Retail Security Training

If you run a retail store, you likely deal with the many complications associated with the industry. Business owners everywhere combat the threat of theft and vandalism every day, and retail employees are constantly under the stress of managing these threats. With HillQuest Security and Patrol on your side, the job of preventing shoplifting becomes much easier. With our help, your employees receive theft prevention training, helping them to identify risks sooner and with more accuracy. 


Ready to invest in your safety? Visit HillQuest Security and Patrol to learn more about our services, or call us any time of day or night at (888) 925-8040.