security guard services in Miami

Hotel Security Guard Services in Miami

A Higher Volume of Travelers Requires Security Guard Services in Miami

Right now, Florida is the epicenter of the U.S. for vacationing during the pandemic. Everyone is pouring in from the cold states or just states that have strict lockdown restrictions to be in the warm sun where restrictions are at a minimum. While we don’t necessarily agree with all the traveling right now as COVID cases are still high, we do understand that this absolutely requires more security guard services in Miami at hotels, restaurants, and other spaces where tourists are flocking. 

Security guard services in Miami are absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of everyone traveling around the city and beaches at this time. If you own or manage a hotel or space that has guests staying overnight, we highly recommend you call HillQuest to learn about the options we offer. Even if you have security measures in place already, this is an unprecedented time that is going to call for a higher level of security. 

Top Tier Commerical and Hotel Security at HillQuest 

Commercial security in the tourism and travel industry isn’t just a few guards opening the door of your hotel for you and keeping a general eye on things, it involves precise and well thought out strategies for placing security measures throughout and around each building. Every establishment is unique and requires different measures of protection which is why we at HillQuest require detailed information regarding your establishment to ensure we work as a team to make the best decisions for your security measures. Of course, you’ll always be greeted with a friendly voice ready to take on your questions. 

Whether you own a high-traffic hotel or a bar that’s full of rowdy tourists, HillQuest has seen it all and has highly trained and skilled guards to help you take on the current rush of tourists and upcoming Spring breakers. It’s overwhelming to think of the amount of people that are/will be rushing to Florida, but with security guard services in Miami from HillQuest, we can take this weight off your shoulders and let you get back to your business. From handling intoxicated people at your bar or restaurant to patrolling the lobby of your hotel, HillQuest Security guards are ready for it all. Call us today and learn more about how we can make the tourist season far easier for you: 1.888.925.8040.